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Submitted by no_more_heroes 1108d ago | highlight

Highlights: Norwich City 1-0 Manchester United (English Premier League - 17/11/12)

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Corepred4  +   1108d ago
So now City sits on top? And here I thought United and Chelsea were way ahead. All I heard was bad news coming from City. Congrats to Norwich.
buddymagoo  +   1108d ago
It's what happens when we play Giggs, Scholes and Carrick in the midfield. They pass and play like zombies.

We needed youth in there! Like Cleverley and Anderson.
asmith2306  +   1108d ago
Norwich fully deserved it. Utd created barely any chances. Some great spells of passing by Norwich too. It's crazy that they started the season so badly.
Corepred4  +   1108d ago
But I guess that just mean Chicharito is nothing but a super sub. Who knows if Ferguson will give him another shot. We'll see.
KingPin  +   1108d ago
cant really blame chicharito for this poor performance. he wasnt getting any service from the midfield or the wingers. van persie dropped back to help out but even that wasnt enough. wellback came on and did pretty much nothing either.

young once again did nothing on the wing, valencia was at least trying something albeit something people know how to defend before he even gets a shot away.

poor performance by united, norwich deserved their win 100%.
Gamer1982  +   1107d ago
Norwich did well because they never sat back they went at united for 90 minutes and it paid dividends. Most teams crumble against them because of the fear factor that united brings but its not real anymore. They create there own fear. Utd only come back and win because they let Utd press. Norwich didn't and it paid out in spades.

Utd has no creativity and makes up for it by running down the wings and hoofing it into the box. You cut that off which in modern football isn't that hard to do with tall defenders and you will also get a clean sheet against them.
buddymagoo  +   1107d ago
Did you even watch the game they sat back for 80% of it!

Clearly showing your small club mentality again. We are one point behind and have won more games than you, leave it out!

You have Chelsea next weekend and they'll probably beat you at home and we'll be back on top again with what you see as a poor United team which I love by the way because the best City team is only as good as a poor United team. You'd be better off talking us up so you lot look good, hahaha!
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Ben Dover  +   1105d ago
You're such an immature kid Buddymagoo.. bubbled down.
b163o1  +   1108d ago
WHOA did not see this happening at all. First Chelsea then United, I'm really surprised RVP didn't score, since he's been in excellent form. Good game Norwich
Gamer1982  +   1107d ago
He hasnt scored in like 4 games now in the PL.. He had a good start but has gone quiet.. Now hes not the central striker who everything is played into and has to play as part of a team he isn't going to get no way near as many goals. I said this at the beginning of the season.
The_Klank  +   1107d ago
Utd missed Rooney, but I wouldn't be so quick to write RVP off, he'll be there near the top for goals scored at the end of the season but as long as others chip in with goals along the way they'll be fine.
p_bateman  +   1108d ago
Norwich lol

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Thefreeman012  +   1108d ago
Get rid of carrick! He is useless ......I don't know why carrick is still a constant player
chukamachine  +   1107d ago
And now some comments from me.

haahhahahahhahahahahahahahhah a
The_Klank  +   1107d ago
Utd were very flat, typical of their form all season, once Norwich scored I kinda expected some sort of comeback yet again but it wasn't happening Norwich defended really well and when they had the ball used it when it counted.

There's along way to go this season yet so expect more points dropped by all the contenders for the title.
PaPa-Slam  +   1107d ago
What a huge blow, i did not see this coming at all. I wish i'd have put some money on the Norwich, because the odds were huge.

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