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no_more_heroes1884d ago

Soooo, we meet again, Barcelona...

crazyturkey1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I would love to see another one of the Emirates matches that they've had recently. However, Arsenal are not in a state to play like they have in the last couple of seasons. Maybe if a couple of new signings are made in January Arsenal may pick up their game-play again.

no_more_heroes1884d ago

We certainly don't keep the ball as well as we used to. All that needs to be done to fix that is keeping hold of our players over the summer so that they spend more than just a year together.

PaPa-Slam1882d ago

When will this match be, please let me know.

crazyturkey1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

For the most part a good night from Arsenal. Two good goals, Giroud assisting, Podolski and Jack scoring and on top of that a clean sheet.
The Ox had a good first half, however I'm not too pleased with him liking to play too much as a RM instead of an RW, it makes Sagna too happy to move forward to keep crossing. It should be the OX doing it more than Sagna. This leaves Per defending the right side all by himself too often and we know his pace is not his strongest quality. Other than that it was all good.

no_more_heroes1883d ago

Nice assist from Alex Song on Robin Van Persie's screaming volley...

PaPa-Slam1882d ago

Well played Arsenal.

I expected more from Montpellier on the day, but.....Whatever