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Submitted by no_more_heroes 1172d ago | highlight

Highlights: Manchester City 1-1 Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League Group D - 21/11/12)

0-1 K. Benzema 10'
1-1 S. Aguero 73'(pen) (Manchester City, Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League)

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no_more_heroes  +   1172d ago
This result means that Dortmund top the group!

Gamer1982  +   1172d ago
They will probably win the CL or get to final the group that won the group City were in last year got to the final remember? And only lost due to a very lucky Chelsea.
buddymagoo  +   1172d ago
I think everyone knew when the group was drawn that City would not be able to get out of it so no surprises here.

They still have that small club mentality and seem to bottle it on the big stage
krazykombatant  +   1172d ago
Don't worry city fans, I'm sure that by next season, they'll have that much needed experience that they've been lacking these past 2 champions, and even then there is always the season after next!
Nes_Daze  +   1172d ago
Even after the penalty(which wasn't a penalty), and with Arbeloa out, City still seemed disconnected up front, not to mention the defense made that costly error early on in the game. Second half was much better for them, I don't think Dzeko should've started, he just couldn't place a good pass. Oh well, good luck to City next year.

Oh and props to Silva for hanging in there and fighting for his team, and on Real Madrid's side, Casillas did make a great save in the second half.
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Gamer1982  +   1172d ago
Mancini was at fault probably for City not winning in the end they were the better team second half but taking Aguero off for Milner after being a man up and leaving Dzeko on who was just poor all game and cannot score these days unless coming off the bench was too many mistakes. Ah well at least theres the league but it seems a draw was exactly what mancini was playing for with the sub as he wants that europa spot as that point may be vital.

I'm getting sick of Mancini who should have told his players to go for broke in the last 10 minutes but his Italian ways kicked in and he went defensive to hold onto a draw and now we need a draw or win to get into Europa which is what he wants. But he would never admit that.
BryanBegins  +   1172d ago
I suspect they didn't "go broke" during the last 10 minutes because Dortmund won. Meaning that anyway, they would have needed Ajax not to lose to Real next time and this is unlikely. City probably wanted to make sure to finish 4th and avoid the Europa League lol Even though I think they should try to actually go far and acquire this "european experience".
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crazyturkey  +   1172d ago
Mancini wont last long in charge even if they are top of the league IMO.
silvacrest  +   1172d ago
i wonder what the breaking point for the city owner is....
MYSTERIO360  +   1172d ago
I was wondering does man city's early exit highlight the inferiority of the EPL. Im not saying the EPL isn't great on the contrary, but man city as EPL champions and are top of the ELP currently (with no losses) but did finish last in a group packed with top domestic champions. So in comparison to the rest does this show the other leagues are better?? just asking
Davoh  +   1172d ago
I dunno, Man Utd are through, and Celtic managed to beat Barcelona, therefore does that make the Scottish League better than La Liga?
I believe, Man City have just been unfortunate and/or not playing at their best during European Football.
silvacrest  +   1172d ago
^^ pretty much
KingPin  +   1172d ago
guess this gives them a need to spend more millions come january.
abzdine  +   1172d ago
they have to fire that Mancini jerk he's such a kid.
Madrid should have killed it yesterday with Ronaldo in the first 15min.
PaPa-Slam  +   1171d ago
What an amazing game this was, loved it.

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