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Highlights: Real Betis 1-0 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 24/11/12)

1-0 Etxebarria (17') (Real Madrid, Spanish Primera Division)

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Nes_Daze  +   854d ago
What?! I did not expect this at all...O_0
wantedboys  +   854d ago
bye bye la Liga :(
krazykombatant  +   854d ago
Now the League is out of our reach....... I don't see barca losing more than maybe 2 or even maybe 3 times in what is left of the season. meaning that there is just simply no way for us to catch up.

Still seems to me that the smaller clubs play better vs. madrid (or we play worse against lower clubs) and vs barca those small clubs just seem to keel over.

Either way now its just Copa del rey and Champions.
goku32359  +   853d ago
Barcelona are just very lucky. It's insane how many times they were on the verge of losing and then all of a sudden Messi pulls 2 goals out of his ass in like the last 5 minutes. The way I see it though, Madrid has a very good shot in Champions league, so it's not all bad, Madrid fans :)
yezz  +   853d ago
I kinda agree but I wouldn't call it luck if the worlds best player scores goals in the last minutes..
Nes_Daze  +   853d ago
I don't know, seems a bit too quick to call Real out of it, but damn, what's not to say they won't lose another game, but as goku said below, they still look pretty good in the champions league, I'd say the only other team after Barca that could get in Real's way would be Dortmund, maybe Bayern, but they don't look as tough this year, we'll see.
imtiyaz6  +   853d ago
I would also add Juve to the list. They're definitely a contender now
buddymagoo  +   853d ago
This is why the premier league is better than La Liga. The title has already been won in November.
RGB  +   853d ago
According to whom? Anything can happen, that's why it's the beautiful game!
Nes_Daze  +   853d ago
LOL wut? With Barca's horrible defense atm, anything can still happen, plus, they face a tough away game tomorrow against Levante, not to mention, Atletico Madrid is in second place, still having a great run.
jak3y13oy  +   853d ago
West brom are in the title race atm! Premier league is much better! :L

Yes anything can happen both barca and real may lose a couple of games and Atletico Madrid go on top and may win.. unlikely though..
krazykombatant  +   853d ago
its as unlikely as "west brom" being in the running for the premier league title. Stop with carp saying the premier is the best league. 2/4 teams made it. Your beloved city went out with a flicker. Not even the Europa league.
RGB  +   853d ago
West Brom have no chance, 6th would be the best they can achieve now. They don't have strength in depth, weak overall squad and could lose key players in the January transfer window.

Atlético Madrid are looking good this year and with Chelsea possibly missing Champions League football, Falcao will probably stay until the end of the season.
asmith2306  +   853d ago
I just watched a boring @ss match today in the Premier League between the Premier League champions (who are out of the Champions League) and the Champions League holders(who are almost out) and you think La Liga is in decline? Don't think so.
buddymagoo  +   853d ago
La Liga is not a competitive league as proven by the gap between the two big teams.

I'd happily takes bets against Barcelona losing the league but no one will take that bet because we all know that it is over in November already. So it has lost it's excitement already with 5 months to go!
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topgeareasy  +   853d ago
La liga in decline
RGB  +   853d ago
Much be with 4/4 teams qualifying for round of 16 in Champions League. /s

Chelsea, Champions of Europe knocking on devil's door and City probably missing Europa! What's in decline again lol!
imtiyaz6  +   853d ago
The premier league may still be the most competitive but the top La Liga and Bundesliga teams are definitely better than the best the EPL has to offer
topgeareasy  +   853d ago
say that when a team that is not barca or real win la liga

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