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Submitted by no_more_heroes 1166d ago | news

Wenger not to blame for faltering Arsenal - Seaman

The former Gunners goalkeeper says supporters need to look at the financial side of the club before blaming the French manager for the north London side’s poor form. (Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, Aston Villa, English Premier League)

crazyturkey  +   1168d ago
The game at Aston Villa was just so pathetic. I can't believe how many times I saw our midfield players not moving to better positions to attack.....Cazorla was playing as a CDM for long periods of the game, so did Ramsey. Meanwhile, there was no one playing in between the Villa midfield and defense, when there were lots of space for someone to get the ball in there. The only one that seemed to notice and want to get there was oddly enough Koscielny, who had the clearest chance to score. As for blaming Wenger, I don't, our players need a kick in the you know what to start picking up some good consistency. Maybe a couple of signings in the CDM and LB positions to free up Arteta so that he can join Cazorla in the attack. Also a LB so that Santos doesn't have to play in there anymore and push him up the field as a LM.
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asmith2306  +   1165d ago
Why would you want to free Arteta up to join the attack?? He is a holding midfielder and one of the best in the Premier League at that.
crazyturkey  +   1164d ago
Arsenal is lacking creativity when Cazorla isn't playing well or is being man marked all game long. Arteta can help with this since he isn't that bad at playing as a CAM either........We need a Song type payer for this to happen. Otherwise I hope that when Rosicky is back he plays well and stays injury free for the rest of the season.
chukamachine  +   1166d ago

You hit it.

Movement is not enough, when arsenal push forward there is not enough people moving into space, sometimes attack is too slow and there are players who always look nervous.

Mertesacker either hits the ball to players being marked, or when there is plenty of space to move forward, plays it back to goalie.
Dungus  +   1165d ago
The most expensive tickets in the league for home games, EPL and Champion's League TV revenues... sure, on paper they shouldn't be able to compete with Man City or Chelsea, but there's no excuse for Arsenal not winning trophies anymore or pushing the best teams in the division all the way. It's not their finances that is the problem, it's their whole attitude. Give the manager 100 million to spend and he'd probably crap his pants. They've turned into a feeder club with no backbone, no urgency, no leaders or real spirit to compete. Soulless, corporate football. It feels like the beginning of the end for the Wenger era and it hasn't come soon enough.

You can't say the players "need a kick in the you know what" and NOT blame Wenger. That's exactly what he's there for. I can't even imagine this guy ever raising his voice. Ferguson on the other hand...
chukamachine  +   1165d ago
corporate football, that is the problem. As long as they are making money, the moneymen don't give a toss.

This needs to change. It's been going on far too long.
cheapness1  +   1160d ago
So are you saying clubs should be paying £200,000+ per week to keep their players or that we should stop clubs with deep pockets over paying players?

Cos one way means the only way to survive in football will be to get some uber rich bored guy to buy your club...

Can't blame players if you're good enough to earn ludicrous amounts of money why settle for half that?!?

Last thing anyone wants to see is clubs going the way of Rangers...

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