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West Ham Fans give the Nazi salute against Tottenham

Tottenham ran away with a deserved 3-1 victory over West Ham United on Sunday at White Hart Lane. But it looked like some away fans were rather busy abusing Spurs — shouting Hitler chants and giving the Nazi salute — instead of decently backing up the Hammers.

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b163o11968d ago

There's always rutton fruit in the bunch...

Corepred41968d ago

Why are the fans such a big focus with football? I never hear about this kind of stuff watching American football or basketball. And I know there are fights during those events.

ninjagoat1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Well heres your issue right here
This end of Englnd is well known for its racism ain't it. Stems from the govermwnt downways.

Blackdeath_6631968d ago

the irony is during the euros the british made a BIG fuss about racism in Poland/ukraine but since then all the racism stories have been in the uk.

FootballZilla1963d ago

They were also shouting LAZIO!! LAZIO!! After a Spurs fan died in there last game in Lazio..