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Uefa hands Luiz Adriano one-game ban

The Shakhtar striker unsportingly scored when a team-mate attempted to pass the ball to Nordsjaelland's goalkeeper during their 5-2 win over the Danes in the Champions League

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Diffraction_Fos2000d ago

If it was illegal, then shouldn't the referee disallow the goal and book the player for unsporting behavior at that moment?

maxi1311999d ago

The goal was legal as you are not forced to return the ball to the opposition so the referee can't disallow it. But the way he scored it was unsporting and that's why he got the ban.

Kos-Mos1999d ago

Then why do clubs like barcelona exist if Uefa can ban unsportmanship??
Your oint is hereby not valid anymore.

Blackdeath_6631999d ago

thats absurd if the goal is legal then its legal. end of story. its not up to uefa to deide what they think is sportsman like or not thats ridiculous

dennett3161999d ago

It's a sportsmanship thing, there's no law against it in the rules. Really though, Shakhtar should have allowed the opposition to score one in return as it was clearly the wrong thing to do...and Adriano knew it.

shadowraiden1999d ago

most of the shakhtar players looked like after the goal they was going to allow the opposition to score but the captain didnt allow it at all

BryanBegins1999d ago

The entire team should be suspended. It's a complete disgrace what they did. And then the coach is ordering them to give a goal and they don't? I hope they get trashed in the round of 16.

sdtarm1999d ago

I know his argument is flawed, after all teams like madrid play like animals taken out of a zoo every time they play superior teams. They shouldnt exist anymore

PaPa-Slam1994d ago

Ok, what is a 5 days old story doing on the Front Page.

FootballZilla1994d ago

no stories have been posted recently but now there starting to get going again because of the contests,

PaPa-Slam1994d ago

Understood. Thank you. :D