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Highlights: Reading 3-4 Manchester United (English Premier League - 01/12/12)

1-0 Robson-Kanu H. 8'

1-1 Anderson 13'

1-2 Rooney (pen) 16'

2-2 Le Fondre 19'

3-2 Morrison Sean 23'

3-3 Rooney 30'

3-4 van Persie 24' (English Premier League, Manchester United, Reading)

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b163o1  +   627d ago
First half of the match was ridiculous!
PaPa-Slam  +   625d ago
Agreed, and god do United need to figure out their defence. cheeze 3 goals.
buddymagoo  +   627d ago
Incredible 1st half, boring second half.
Gamer1982  +   626d ago
If united play like they did against Reading against City next week, City will go top of the league..
shadowraiden  +   625d ago
im not so sure about that if city play like they have recently i can see this game being a 5-5 draw or something like that both teams are just as bad at defending at the moment with united atleast having the ability to blame the fact Vidic is missing while City have had Kompany and still been shit defensively.
Gamer1982  +   625d ago
City have the best defense in the league right now. So I don't know where you get that crap from.
buddymagoo  +   626d ago

You love that top of the league on points difference only, hahaha! You should be ashamed the way we have been defending and we are still top above your lot.

You are guaranteed favourites next week and I expect nothing less than conceding 3 goals, I just hope we can score 4!
Gamer1982  +   625d ago
Love? No.. We will win on points this season not GD. Why should I be ashamed of the way utd are defending? Also we are 2 points ahead of where we were last season so we are actually on par to get more points than last season. Match/match comparison.
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b163o1  +   624d ago
How are United favorites when City's dominated there ass's last year. Check your facts. 7-1(I am counting both matches). Don't worry about us, y'all are the ones who gave us the title last season. Now you want to complain how we got it. Hypocrites
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buddymagoo  +   624d ago
Read again dumb ass! I said City were favourites because of our poor defending.

Also 3 of those goals were scored in stoppage time against 10 men when we just gave up. Well done!
BlmThug  +   625d ago
Man Utd really need to fix their defence. Hopefully they purchase a few defenders in january
FootballZilla  +   625d ago
I thinks that going to be there downfall this season.. especially in the CL
shadowraiden  +   625d ago
i wouldnt say that quite yet everybody was saying they was poor the 99 season and look how that turned out.

United will be fine we have a attack that any team in europe will be afraid off add to the fact that our best defender has been missing and we will be much better with the return of Vidic not just for his defensive duties but his ability to lead the defense something that is lacking at the moment which causes these mistakes.
PaPa-Slam  +   625d ago
So great to see Rooney getting in 2 goals.
Theo1130  +   625d ago
Based off these types of game, I hope madrid get united in the CL draw, 5-3 madrid at old trafford.
KingPin  +   625d ago
theo, im a united and real supporter and i agree with you.

if united keep playing shit like this, they deserve a trophyless season. SAF bought RVP and said he will never lose a championship on goal difference again. but WTF is the point of scoring 4 if they conceding 3. thats like winning 1 nil with all that firepower.

i just wanna see real win a champions league. its been a while.
shadowraiden  +   625d ago
it doesnt help that we have 4 defenders out injured of course were going to concede in games.

tbh if you look at the big games weve had we havnt conceded a huge amount unless you count the league cup but then we played quite a few under 18's players.

real wont win they got outclassed by dortmund who look a much better choice for a champions league challenger.

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