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Submitted by no_more_heroes 1162d ago | highlight

Highlights: Borussia Dortmund 1-0 Manchester City (UEFA Champions League Group D - 04/12/12)

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krazykombatant  +   1162d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW really, not one victory in the champions.... Nothing, like not even one to try and get some honor and dignity back really.....
buddymagoo  +   1162d ago
OUCH! Worst ever finish for an English team in the Champions League and the only English team to finish the CL group stages without a win.
RGB  +   1162d ago
Stole my words buddymagoo! Never thought we'd be thinking the same thing. Guess we both have a passion to see the biggest money wasters in football lose with no dignity or honour.

On another note, did people see the end stand? The massive BVB logo looked impressive!
RGB  +   1161d ago
Photo of the stand, pretty damn awesome!
BryanBegins  +   1162d ago
lol Team B of Dortmund (lredu qualified and first), beating the almost-team A of Manchester City. Crazy.

I guess City didn't want to gain this so-called "European experience" in the Europa League...
KingPin  +   1162d ago
its not they didn't want to go to europa, its that they couldn't even manage to get there too.
RGB  +   1162d ago
I agree with KingPin, City were desperate to win the Europa last year when they got demoted to it. They played really strong squads and still got beaten to a pulp. They drew 2 games I believe and got smashed in another.

City are hopeless and an embarrassment to world football.
inf3cted1  +   1162d ago
Glad they won, theyre one of my favourites on the champions league.
FootballZilla  +   1161d ago
Personally there one of the teams i dont want porto to get them along with barcelona..
crazyturkey  +   1162d ago
This is probably what Man. City wanted ever since they got eliminated from the CL. They probably didn't want to deal with the Europa League and just concentrate on beating Man. United to the tittle again.
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vulcanproject  +   1162d ago
Yup. City can play their first team in virtually every premier league game now especially after Christmas and have plenty of rest most weeks.

This has made them favourites now for the premier league, with less really difficult games to play.
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RGB  +   1162d ago
Sorry state of affairs isn't it, teams that want to win trophies get punished and teams that embarrass football get a free ride of spaced fixtures and easier games. Small club mentality at City.

Hope these rumours about fixtures adjustment happen. That'll give teams in multiple competitions more rest time.
Gamer1982  +   1162d ago
It is the result I wanted as a fan sadly enough however it just shows how tough the competition is in reality and how hard our group really was. Look at Arsenal who got through quite easily in the end and are 10th in the premier league.
krazykombatant  +   1162d ago
Ok, i'll admit in comparison to arsenal, man u and chelsea you had the toughest group by far.

Chelsea coming in second and the other 2 tied for easiest group with the likes of barca.

But being the Premier League Winners, you would think that you would at the least try and win ONE. Same goes to chelsea but those guys are in free fall mode.

If city doesn't win the prem this year it will be a joke.
RGB  +   1162d ago
Sorry Gamer, no excuses, you're Premier League champions! You haven't got a win! Plus 2 out of the 3 points you got you didn't deserve!

You should of smashed Ajax like Dortmund and Madrid did twice... you didn't and got smashed yourself which must really hurt because Ajax are quite a poor side. If they were in La Liga or Prem, they'd be a mid-bottom table side.

No excuses, "Arsenal had this, United had that." Look at yourself, you're squad, you're manager, you're league position. Is 4th place with 3 points good enough! Not ever!
FootballZilla  +   1161d ago
im pretty sure it wasn't.
mcstorm  +   1162d ago
This is not good for city. ibthink this seasonthey will finish empty-handed. i also think if this happens the manager will get the sack and this is when city becomethe same as chelsea sacking there manager as soon as he dose not win something.
should be an interesting game on sunday but i see united getting the win as pay back for last season.
p_bateman  +   1162d ago
Tough group but they should be beating Ajax home and away with the team they have. Dortmund and Madrid were always going to be first and second in the group but it could be worse united had an easy group last year but didn't qualify a swiss team beat them lol.
chukamachine  +   1162d ago
I hope utd don't win any titles.

I hope Swansea wins the pl this year.
abzdine   1161d ago | Offensive
Nes_Daze  +   1161d ago
Still don't know why you guys hate on City so much, is it still because of the spending? Really? Now I enjoy watching City play, but they played disastrously in the CL. Mancini for one, kept making the same stupid mistakes with his lineup. If you look at the individual talent of those players, and how they played on that pitch throughout the CL, it just doesn't add up, they just couldn't play as a damn team.

I remember seeing Tevez get frustrated with Maicon because he wasn't passing it to him. Yes it was a tough group, but losing against Ajax??
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boxer1985  +   1161d ago
mancs acting like their team would have qualified from that group, talk about blind arrogance.

funny thing is city will most likely hammer united at the weekend.
seanpitt23  +   1161d ago
Dortmund has been impressive this is to no surprise

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