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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1088d ago | opinion piece

City Are an Embarrassment: And What We Learned from Dortmund vs Manchester City

BR - Dortmund and Manchester City completed their respective Champions League Group D campaigns in fitting manner on Tuesday, with the German side winning 1-0 to send them on to the Round of 16 as undefeated group leaders. The English champions, by contrast finished last, having failed to win a single game in the so-called "Group of Death." (Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, UEFA Champions League)

-Mezzo-  +   1089d ago
City Are an Embarrassment
PaPa-Slam  +   1089d ago
Ouch indeed, the writer was too harsh there.
Blackdeath_663  +   1087d ago
well if you put it into perspective you have the Champions of Spain, the Champions of Germany, the champions of Netherlands and the champions of England all in one group and English football comes off worse out of the lot. it is embarrassing specially when people keep banging on about how "great the premier league is" and the "quality of English football".
Sahil  +   1088d ago
People should give them a break, they've only spend 1billion on players and staff and what all.

Another billion wud see them win a couple of games.
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krazykombatant  +   1087d ago
Almost didn't recognize you without the other picture.....
momthemeatloaf  +   1088d ago
City are crap, but lets face it, Dortmund is amazing. If Dortmund was in the prem they'd breeze to a championship.
Angerfist  +   1088d ago
LOL i guess Bayern Munich would like to talk to you.
Corepred4  +   1088d ago
Why? He didn't mention Bayern at all. He was talking about Dortmund going to premier league. What does that have to do with Bayern?
Angerfist  +   1088d ago
Its just because Bayern are already 11 Points ahead of Dortmund, i mean if you say Dortmund breaze through the PL, what should Bayern be capable of then?
momthemeatloaf  +   1088d ago
Bayern would breeze too, what's your point?
Dungus  +   1088d ago
They are. Embarrassing stuff, they should be ashamed of themselves. Money can buy you players, but it certainly can't buy a winning team spirit. Imagine what some of the other teams in the EPL could achieve with half of Man City's spending power. Unreal.
PaPa-Slam  +   1087d ago
Money can buy you players, but it certainly can't buy a winning team spirit.
So True.
mcstorm  +   1087d ago
I know city have world class players but this dose not bring you sucess. Look at united apart from 99 there team has ways had some week players but the week ones play for the team and also the best players never become bigger than the club.

City are not a big club no matter what there fans say go out side the uk and not many people will know who they are and they are not a club that attract big names. Its the money and high wages that have brought in the big name.

City were imo the best team in the league but only beat a week and injury riddled team on goal difference. This shows the difference in how the club and team is managed.

City are going to become chelsea over the next few years where then spend big money on under performing players and get stuck in in a loop.

For me the only players who are all for city and will do anything to make them the best club in the world are hart and Richards the rest dont care they are there for the money and of they win something so be it and players not leaving the club and sitting on the bench or going out on loan shows this.

Everyone seems to think that just because you spend alot of money on a tea it will bring you instant success and it dose not. Look at how long united chelsea liverpool ect took to win the champions league.

I love the fact we now have 2 Manchester clubs at the top of the league but i only see this being a short thing as i do see this being a disaster waiting to happen for city.
ngecenk  +   1087d ago
why mocking at city? Dortmund is amazing this season. too bad they cant perform that well on bundesliga. but even madrid had trouble with them, so yeah, its not city's fault. its mostly dortmund being awesome
KingPin  +   1087d ago
not mocking, stating facts.
they spent millions and only won a Premier league on goal difference. they spent millions and couldn't even win one match in the champions league. they got knocked out without a consolation of qualifying for the Europa league.

they have world class players, but they don't have a world class team. everyone knows citys players are there for the money. otherwise you wouldn't get news like this

they thought the blue moon was rising, they are mistaken.
AcceptedWalnut  +   1087d ago
Lol what a fail article, not even a single credible quote. You can put out any old shit these days and put it down to a "Club source"

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