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Highlights: Chelsea 6-1 Nordsjaelland (UEFA Champions League - Group E - 05/12/12)

1-0 David Luiz 38' (pen)

2-0 Fernando Torres 45'

2-1 John 46'

3-1 Cahill 51'

4-1 Torres 56'

5-1 Mata 63'

6-1 Oscar 71'

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goku323591965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Never thought I wouldn't be happy with a 6-1 win...

It was nice to see Oscar playing in a deeper role. He's not too shabby at defending, and we desperately need someone like him who can distribute the ball well in the holding midfield.

ad4mb1965d ago

well whats it say about the champions league that the champions of it are out? nothing... just like city being out doesn't say too much about the prem.

anyway, maybe rafa will actually spark life into torres.. miracles do happen lol.

crazyturkey1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

You know things are bad when even a massive victory ends in massive defeat.
Chelsea need something, with the players they have they shouldn't be in this bad form.

goku323591965d ago

I don't know why but November is always hell month for Chelsea. Chelsea have some rather "easy" fixtures coming up, so now's a good a time as ever for them to regain form.

Nes_Daze1965d ago

Goes to show, what Di Matteo and Drogba did last year with Chelsea was special.

silvacrest1964d ago

i dont think even the true haters would ever dispute that

silvacrest1964d ago

well, at least we went out on a high and broke a terrible winless streak

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