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Wenger to be given 'considerable resources' in January, says Arsenal Supporters' Trust


A spokesman for the group reveals that the Frenchman will have plenty of resources available to him in the window as the Gunners seek Champions League qualification. (Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, English Premier League, Transfers)

krazykombatant  +   958d ago
PSSSSSSHH they say this EVERY transfer window and he does nothing!
goku32359  +   958d ago
Well Arsenal did get Podolski, Carzola, and Giroud this past transfer window...
PaPa-Slam  +   956d ago
Podolski, Carzola
Both have done them good as well.
krazykombatant  +   956d ago
And were do arsenal sit??? If they manage to win something with those players this year, i'll be the first to comment and pull back all of my negative comments on wegner.

However, he is known to take basically young players for relatively cheap and sell them at steep prices. Like the feeder club they have at arsenal at the moment.
GanjaMan  +   956d ago
here's 30mill arsene, ohh wait but you have to sell a player or two so we get the money back! FUCK THE ARSENAL BOARD, SUCKING THE CLUB FOR ALL ITS WORTH.
Dungus  +   956d ago
Who is skilful, yet lightweight and cheap in the French league right now?
Theo1130  +   955d ago
5 bucks says that arsenal sign Cavani or Falcao.

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