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Highlights: Real Madrid 2 – 2 Espanyol ( La Liga -- 16/12/12 )

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0-1 Garcia (31')

1-1 Ronaldo (45')

2-1 Coentrao (48')

2-2 Albin (88') (RCD Espanyol, Real Madrid, Spanish Primera Division)

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-Mezzo-  +   835d ago
Madrid defense failed them.
Nes_Daze  +   835d ago
Espanyol is like what, 12th in the liga WITH this win? Do any of you guys think Mourinho should go? He really looks like he's lost interest in his team.
Dark11  +   834d ago
Mourinho is not the problem , it's the team
It is very obvious , players do not want to play
they have no energy like last year on the pitch
they are not hungry to win.
krazykombatant  +   834d ago
This basically, Mou said the other day that some of the players are not real madridista, just infiltrated into the team. I can see the whole XI shaking up soon enough.
Kur0  +   834d ago
Ok so why doesn't he let Kaka play and puts on Callejon who does almost nothing?
crazyturkey  +   835d ago
The race for La Liga Title is over it seems.
vulcanproject  +   834d ago
This is why the premier league is often held up as better. This is exactly it. 9 points clear. Madrid are still the side most likely to finish 2nd lets face it, and they are 13 behind.

Its a one horse race already, and it isn't even christmas yet.

The premier league on the other hand might be called a two horse race, but it'll only take Chelsea buying a top striker in January to put themselves back in the game.
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crazyturkey  +   834d ago
Chelsea better sign Falcao in January as IMO they are favorites. Also Torres has to be shown that he is not sure starter. Otherwise, I can see Man. City beating them to the punch in the summer just for a laugh.
Either Outcome may disrupt the market prices even further, as teams like my Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs fight to just manage to sign some quality(best players from mid-table teams) for very expensive prices (for their Budgets that is).
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krazykombatant  +   834d ago
Yeah we'll see about that "two horse race" if ManU win it again.
Nes_Daze  +   834d ago
I don't think so, I don't think Chelsea can just fix all of its problems with simply buying a striker.
asmith2306  +   833d ago
What does this story have to do with the EPL??
vulcanproject  +   833d ago
The question you should really ask yourself asmith is what does your comment there have to do with this story and whether it is more relevant or contributes more to the site than my comment did.
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asmith2306  +   833d ago
get off your high horse! Bringing up the EPL in a story about Madrid and Espanyol drawing isn't exactly on topic is it, and the comment you replied to stated nothing about the EPL. You're one of a bunch who seems to have some sort of self righteous opinion, especially when it comes to the EPL vs other leagues.
vulcanproject  +   833d ago
It was perfectly acceptable to expand upon the article by looking at the result in context of the league's strength and title race relative to others. If not then whaddaya gonna do? Report me for going off on a slight tangent? Pathetic.

It is hilarious you say I am on my high horse when your reply here was just criticism of mine!!!!! Nothing else.

You have contributed a total of absolutely ZERO with any relevance to this story so far in both of your replies. Which makes it even more ridiculous that you have the bare faced cheek (or stupidity) to tell me to get off my high horse.

Please don't start an argument you will inevitably lose. Mainly because you are badly wrong, but also because you don't have enough bubbles :D

I'll bang on and on and on about how boring I think La Liga will be this season because of there being no race to speak of already if I wish. You'll just have to sit there and take it.

There is a reason why the premier league is the most popular league in the world in terms of viewership. This reason is seen just as well in stories like this. One horse race and Santa isn't even here yet. Yawn.
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