Jose Mourinho says Real Madrid cannot win La Liga title


Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insists his team now have no chance of retaining the title following the 2-2 home draw with struggling Espanyol.

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Nes_Daze1710d ago

Feel like he shouldn't have said that, but it's true in a way...

karim1709d ago

Giving up so early? This isn't the Mou we loved..

krazykombatant1709d ago

There is a huge problem within the RM locker room and this past week has been evidence of that. Mou isn't the problem but some of the players.

karim1708d ago

Agreed. Some players are seriously disrupting the atmosphere and/or maybe want Jose to be sacked..

Corepred41708d ago

What are you all talking about? This is Mourinho. Straight shooter, no bullsh*t.