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Highlights: Swansea City 1-1 Manchester United (English Premier League - 23/12/12)

[0-1] P. Evra 16'
[1-1] Michu 29' (English Premier League, Manchester United, Swansea City)

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buddymagoo  +   847d ago
Poor performance today from both our players and the referee. Had so many chances in the second half, De Gea might as well have gone home. Hit the bar twice and had about three two on ones.

Should have had a penalty for handball but top of the league 4 points clear can't complain really.
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chukamachine  +   846d ago
A stronger team would have beaten utd today. badly needs beefing up that defence.
buddymagoo  +   846d ago
Did you even watch the game Swansea were hardly a threat as proven by next to no saves that De Gea had to make.
ad4mb  +   847d ago
yeh that ref was awful, completely inconsistent with free kicks, may as well flipped a coin.

and don't think I have ever seen Rooney play so badly, should have come off much sooner. Points not too bad a result though away to Swansea and the defence started looking solid in the second half which with Vidic back might be a sign of things to come from them.
Prophet112  +   846d ago
Swansea's passing and possession style of play has been compared to Barcelona's style of play making it difficult to win the ball back.
Our game plan today to counter it was to literally give them the ball any chance we got. Basically every United player was guilty of this but non more so than Rooney, he must of had 20 odd failed passes/dribbles today.
KingPin  +   847d ago
i wouldnt say united had a poor performance, but it wasn't great. we created chances in the second half but just couldn't finish it. i seen worse refereeing too so its hard to put full blame on the ref.

my main issue with todays performance however lies on one player in specific. Ashley young. how he played a full 90mins is beyond me. for a winger to get literally not one cross in the box for 90mins is absolutely pathetic. his running off the ball is on the same level, useless. i think you know you played shit when evra, who is a full back, puts in more crosses than the winger. with valencia you know the ball is going to find its way to the box eventually.

i sure as hell hope Nani doesn't leave the club. as inconsistent as people say he is, even at his weakest he plays better than young. if he gets fit and stays, im sure he'll be in the starting 11 every week.
p_bateman  +   846d ago
Michu bargin at 2 million
Thefreeman012  +   846d ago
United just looked content with the way they were playing the entire game. Lacking any real urgency to take the game to another level and a drive to push themselves harder. No. Body looked confident with the ball and everyone wanted to pass it way too many times, carrick again played terrible, with bad passing, loose ball control and slow......if I had to describe this game with one word it would be flat
chukamachine  +   846d ago
Later first half and early second, Swansea could have been 2-1 up, utd should have scored again.

But fair result imo.

But ferguson's rants about the player kicking the ball out and hitting persie are rofl.

Old red cheeks should do stand up.
Kos-Mos  +   846d ago
Ok chukka. Who the fuck are you to even comment on United? You sound like a pre-teen on heavy drugs.

On topic: I will never say a team deserves to win. Either they score the winning goal or not, BUT United were the better team:)
chukamachine  +   846d ago
Who the fuk are you, you probably are a child.

Swansea dominated second part of the firsthalf.

Utd only came into the 2nd half later on.

If Swansea would have attacked more in numbers down the right, utd would have lost.

But your probably a fking baby like persie.
FlunkinMonkey  +   844d ago
Haha, o dear Chukka... I need to stop reading your comments because i lose so many brain cells from observing your stupidity that i temporarily go blind..

Be quiet and sit down
asmith2306  +   846d ago
Utd should have won this by a margin.

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