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Submitted by no_more_heroes 1137d ago | highlight

Highlights: Manchester United 4-3 Newcastle United (English Premier League - 26/12/12)

[0-1] Perch 4'
[1-1] Evans 25'
[1-2] Evans 28'(og)
[2-2] Evra 58'
[2-3] Cisse 68'
[3-3] Van Persie 71'
[4-3] Hernandez 90'+1' (English Premier League, Manchester United, Newcastle United)

Update Hate it when this happens. Follow the link for another video.

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karim  +   1137d ago
Was obvious United would win it from the moment RVP scored the equalizer (3-3)..Some horrible defending from both teams.
oli  +   1137d ago
Once again, Chicharo saves United.
OldParr  +   1137d ago
Valencia reminds me 1980s black michael jackson! awesome match by the way!
RedDevils  +   1137d ago
Nani is more of MJ than AV7
badz149  +   1137d ago
sloppy defending from United! and the midfield is blunt too! Rooney had a bad day during the Swansea match but without him, the midfield is uninspired! great game btw
buddymagoo  +   1137d ago
This is what being united fan is all about. Heart in mouth stuff knowing you can be down but never out! A true Christmas cracker.
no_more_heroes  +   1137d ago
Not gonna lie, that was thoroughly entertaining. Just the kind of match I was looking for this Christmas.

Too bad it was...THEM!!!

In all seriousness, though, well played. This now makes our match against Newcastle this weekend that much harder. I just hope they approach defending the same way they did in this match lol!
KingPin  +   1137d ago
didnt get to watch the match.
from the stats it looked pretty even and from the comments above i take it there was no drama. with that said, well done to united and to newcastle too for giving the league leaders a run for their money.

with city losing today, it eases the blow on last weeks draw.
momthemeatloaf  +   1137d ago
United should sell Rooney and play Chich full time
J5Feedback  +   1137d ago
As brilliant as he's been this year, I don't think his performance warrants getting rid of Rooney. United's offense is in a wonderful place right now. I wouldn't change a thing.

Can't knock Newcastle, though. Would really like to see them a bit higher on the table. Kind of dissapointing after last year.
Nes_Daze  +   1137d ago
Well, this kid is one special sub lol. His positioning is just perfect, and his finishing up close is unforgiving. Sad I missed this one.
ninjagoat  +   1137d ago
Love the Man United Newcastle games no matter the result.
Theo1130  +   1137d ago
Oh, If Madrid get a new coach by mid-febuary it's going to be over for Manu in the CL.
RedDevils  +   1137d ago
in other word Mourinho is overrated right?? LMAO
vulcanproject  +   1137d ago
Madrid are having an incredibly poor season in the league and you can't blame it all on your manager. Your defence if anything is no better than United's (which has been deprived of a stable central pairing) and you don't have the fighting spirit or the killer instinct to finish games like United are displaying.

United's only real problem is defence, which will be strengthened a lot quicker when Vidic returns to the team on a regular basis. Fixing a total lack of desire or spirit on Madrid's part will be far more difficult, even integrating a new manager.

It'll be over for Madrid if they don't wake up.
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Kos-Mos  +   1137d ago
Where's all the haters from last United-article? Hello? Anyone there?
Rattlehead20  +   1137d ago
You called?

I personally think it's disgraceful how the 'powers that be' let old plum nose run the game.

His theatrics to the official after Evans' own goal would have started an enquiry if it was any other manager...The book would've been thrown at them. Danish sizzler face gets away with it time and time again.

One rule for the wankers another for the rest of the league and it has to stop.
buddymagoo  +   1136d ago
Did you even watch the game? There were so many decisions that didn't go our way and some clear cut decisions that weren't given to us (colloc handball)

Then everyone is going on about how Sir Alex berated the refs but fails to mention the entire Newcastle staff having a right go themselves.

Anyway keep showing the bitterness us United fans love it!
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Kos-Mos  +   1136d ago
I'm not the type to offend people, so please do not take this offensive. It's just a question to state a fact; were you born stupid, or did it evolve over time?
Rattlehead20  +   1136d ago
So because loads of decisions didn't go your way makes it alright? My teams game yesterday had awful refereeing decisions and shocking cheating from the opposition. We never threw our toys out of the pram.

Do you HONESTLY think no other manager would get punished? I've seen them punished for less.

And Kos-Mos, I hope you enjoyed the box of Kleenex you got for Christmas so you can furiously masturbate on your sofa on Super Sunday.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1137d ago
Well, you certainly can't say a season ticket at Old Trafford isn't value for money lol. Great game but I wish SAF would invest in a world class central defender next month.
KingPin  +   1136d ago
we need 2 world class center defenders. no offense to vidic and ferdinand but they are reaching their expiry date. we need to start looking for a young evra replacement as well. but i think players like evans and rafael and jones will do great. they certainly have the potential. i say this judging by wes brown and silvestre, when they came is as youngsters, they too were scoring own goals and making silly amateurish mistakes but with game time and experience, they did well for united.
cyberninja  +   1135d ago
what a game)))

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