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Submitted by no_more_heroes 1142d ago | highlight

Highlights: Manchester United 2-0 West Bromwich Albion (English Premier League - 29/12/12)

[1-0] McAuley 9'(og)
[2-0] Van Persie 90' (English Premier League, Manchester United, West Bromwich)

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buddymagoo  +   1142d ago
Cleverley + Kagawa *DROOLS*

Vidic back and bossed it at the back, clean sheet. Foster had a great game and made some crucial saves. An overall good day and game.
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vulcanproject  +   1142d ago
The clean sheet was really the most important factor today. Evans + Vidic would be my pick of the central defence, I have said that for a while now. Evans has improved hugely the past calendar year, if anything the absences of Vidic and Ferdinand in that time has forced him to become a better player.

It is crucial the defence now settles for the second half of the season and tightens up, because from now on in, the pressure increases.

I have a sneaking feeling City may fall further behind in the next few weeks unless they play a lot better, so United just have to focus on their own games.
KingPin  +   1142d ago
finally a clean sheet on the books.
i know SAF said he wont lose another title on goal difference, but when you look at the results, like newcastle, city, reading, villa, southhampton etc, all those wins are equivalent to 1-0 wins. the defense is really costing us this season.

good goal for RVP. and what does hernandez have to do to stay in the starting lineup. its frustrating. i mean he scores goals consistently yet gets benched. wellback on the other hand does nothing and gets game time. WTF.
Thefreeman012  +   1142d ago
im getting tired of Welbeck, he makes stupid plays, very selfish on the ball and hardly ever scores. He will usually have one opportunity a game but hes never clinical enough to put it away. I dont think that he has proved that he deserves much if any playing time. if anything he should be loaned out like lukaku or just sold.

i think as time goes on he will end up being a oberton type of player, always on first team but never molding or living up to expectation and will be sold to a lower club.
buddymagoo  +   1142d ago
He's young he needs to be given time. For comparisons sake this is a list of players at the age of 21

Llorente: 4 goals in 25 appearances for Athletic Bilbao in La Liga

Torres: 13 goals in 40 appearances for Atletico Madrid in La Liga

Villa: 20 goals in 48 for Gijon in Segunda Liga

Klose: 0 goals in 0 appearances for Kaiserslauten in the Bundesliga

Gomez: 8 goals in 38 appearances for Stuttgart in the Bundesliga

V. Persie: 10 goals in 41 appearances for Arsenal in the Premier League

Huntelaar: 19 goals in 39 appearances for Heerenveen in the Eredivisie

Welbeck: 12 goals in 39 appearances for Manchester United in the Premier League

Di Natale: 12 goals in 25 appearances for Viareggio in Serie C

Lewandowski: 21 goals in 34 appearances for Lech Poznan in the Ekstraklasa,

Ibrahimovic: 21 in 42 for Ajax in the Eredivisie

Benzema: 23 in 47 for Lyon in Ligue 1

Welbeck will come good he has the skill, vision and passion to be a great striker.
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Thefreeman012  +   1142d ago
i dont see it yet, their is no doubt he will be a good striker, he's just a frustrating player to watch sometimes. i dont believe that he should be starting above Chicharito tho
KingPin  +   1142d ago
@ buddy
you say his young, and went on to give stats of a whole lot of players. thats fine, but why the hell would you start a weaker player over a stronger player. if anything, start with chicharito till they in a comfortable lead and then put on the young blood. that way even if he cocks up chances <like he does a lot of the time>, it doesn't cost the team.
PaPa-Slam  +   1142d ago
Great game all around, but the result was pretty predictable.

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