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Ronaldo return would cost €73m

Manchester United could be tempted into a €73m (£60m) move for the Real Madrid star, a price way below the reported €150m (£122m) fee. But the Old Trafford club would have to offer David De Gea in a player-plus-cash deal. (Cristiano Ronaldo, English Premier League, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Spanish Primera Division, Transfers)

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KingPin  +   792d ago
player plus cash deal of 60m. i dont think that will happen. especially since we just got the keeper. if it was a player like anderson or nani i could maybe see it happening. not that i think its fair, maybe 60m cash only would be more appropriate. but he is one of the 2 best players on the planet so i guess no price is too high.
BlmThug  +   792d ago
Take Nani and it's a deal
vulcanproject  +   791d ago
I suggested this a while ago anyway, either the sale of Nani who would probably go for around £20m or a swap to offset the cost of Ronaldo.

It is an unlikely prospect having Ronaldo return to Manchester United but I don't think it is impossible.

The KEY thing that would make it happen, is Ronaldo himself turning down contracts, making it clear he will not sign another and also he wants to leave to go to United.

This is how he left United, and the only way he is likely to get back. United have indeed moved on formation wise, so it is possible he could be accommodated in a front 3.

I personally believe United can improve in other areas, like defence, and especially central midfield.

BUTTTTTT you can't just turn down a player of his immense quality even if you already have huge attacking talent in the side.
asmith2306  +   791d ago
Not gonna happen. Besides it doesn't look like Utd need him with the impact RvP has had on the team.
shadowraiden  +   791d ago
true i feel a new CB is a priority over more attackers and maybe a better MC somebody like Fellaini would make this united team a trully deadly team all over the pitch.

im hoping in the summer a few players get offloaded and a bit of money is spent on those 2 area's

Hummels would be a brilliant CB and im sure his wages wouldnt cost anymore then what Ferdinand currently is on.
KingPin  +   791d ago
united dont need him, but they could do with him.

lets face it, ashley young sucks, nani is injured. and valencia is a one trick pony. we seen it week in week out where he does the same move over and over, and even if its not working, he will continue trying that same trick.

if ronaldo came in, we would use him as a winger instead of a center forward which is what you thinking of. ronaldo is a match winner. but like i said, we dont need him, doesnt mean we wouldnt want him if the price was right.
asmith2306  +   791d ago
73m is nowhere near the right price. I can't understand where all these articles linking Ronaldo with a move back to utd come from.
KingPin  +   790d ago
i never said 73 million is the right price. united would never spend that type of cash on a player, nevermind spending cash and giving away a player.
what i meant was that if ronaldo was reasonably priced, all clubs would jump at the chance of signing him.

as for the rumours, it started when MUFC got drawn against Real Madrid. it was like ronaldos return home for the first time since he left. and the way he spoke about MUFC and that he really enjoyed the club and that it was like family and he wouldn't mind coming back one day. and the media started doing creative writing and took this as "I'm upset at real madrid, i cant compete with messi and i just wanna leave and go back to manchester". basically they took ronaldos words, ignored it, and made up their own bullshit to sell papers.
momthemeatloaf  +   791d ago
He's not worth that much. He has 14 goals in la liga, the easiest big league to score goals. That equates to maybe 8 goals in England.
asmith2306  +   791d ago
I really have to laugh at comments like this. Your not exactly Mr current affairs are you? Premier league teams including the top sides are leaking goals at the moment.

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