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Submitted by SadeckJaffal 1131d ago | news

Lionel Messi wins 2012 Fifa Ballon d'Or

The Argentina international has become the first player in history to win the prestigious prize four years in succession

Lionel Messi has won the 2012 Fifa Ballon d'Or ahead of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona team-mate Andres Iniesta. (FIFA, Industry, Lionel Andrés Messi)

karim  +   1131d ago
Boohoo, what a big surprise
SadeckJaffal  +   1131d ago
who could have thought that messi will win it ?
RGB  +   1130d ago
Messi did really well to score 91 goals but what did he actually do in the big games? Didn't score in neither Clasico (league wise) and Ronaldo did! What did he do against Chelsea... nothing. What about for his nation? Hardly anything worth a damn!

He got a cup and that's it.

Ronaldo scored less but scored in the most important games. His Clasico goal gave Madrid a 7 point lead and probably killed Barca mindset. At that point Madrid had a 12 point lead and dropped points in 3 draws whilst Barca turned the screw, if Barca won it would of been 4 pts lead only and could of roced Madrid's confidence.

Ronaldo also played a massive part in Madrid's close defeat to FC Bayern. Oh well, well done but probably his least deserve Ballon d'Or.
Snakefist30  +   1131d ago
Ballon d'Or has become a popularity contest!!!
KingPin  +   1131d ago
yip. its a mr congeniality award nothing more. who is more likable? ronaldo, no. he has it all and isnt shy to rub our faces in it. iniesta, we liked him last year. now messi, YAY.
buddymagoo  +   1131d ago
Joke that Ronaldo didn't win it. Messi was even shocked.
karim  +   1131d ago
Love how he didn't even mention Ronaldo in his acceptance speech..Messi didn't deserve it, Iniesta and Cristiano are more deserving
Sahil  +   1131d ago
why wud he do that? he's not his teammate or family or friend or whatever.

Ronaldo's Face though.. hahahahahahahaha
Nes_Daze  +   1131d ago
More deserving by your standards, it was a tight one but Messi won, end of story, and I do think he is the best player out there atm.
KingPin  +   1131d ago
i told you. fifa and uefa have a "dont give it to ronaldo" clause.

and the media builds up messi. funny, they say this was messi fourth consecutive ballon d'or. can someone explain to me how it can be consecutive when iniesta won it last year? or was iniestas one bread and butter and doesnt count? or has messi been able to change the definition of consecutive to 1,2,3 skip one, 4.

i'l admit messi is great, but to make the comparison look like ronaldo is not on his level is just unacceptable. but looking back, il compare this to formula one. where statistically michael schumacher is the best driver ever, but everyone who follows that sport will tell you ayrton senna was the best ever.
krazykombatant  +   1130d ago
Michael Schumacher wouldn't have won all of the those championships if senna were still alive ;]
RGB  +   1130d ago
KingPin and krazy - don't be stupid.

Schumacher out scored Senna in his first full F1 season.

Schumacher won both races before Senna's death in 1994.

Schumacher had the better car and was more technical and the most athletic F1 driver ever at the time.

Schumacher developed the car like no other driver before.

Schumacher didn't jump team when he couldn't win, he built the team and won again and again and again!
asmith2306  +   1130d ago
Shocked? Not at all. I expected Messi to win it. Fair play to him.
Sahil  +   1131d ago
The best player EVER without a shadow.
karim  +   1131d ago
As other legends said, can't be best ever without winning the world cup
Sahil  +   1131d ago

F**k the world cup ;)
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SadeckJaffal  +   1131d ago
everyone says that all is missing messi to become a very big and amazing legend is the fifa World Cup
KingPin  +   1131d ago
lmao karim, all messi fans hate that line.
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asmith2306  +   1130d ago
That's such a rubbish argument and always was. Plenty of average/mediocre players have WC medals as well. Does that mean they are automatically considered world class players? Don't think so. Messi has more than most in history going for him... at the age of 25.
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OmniSlashPT  +   1130d ago
He is 25, he can still participate in atleast 2 WC (at 27 and 31), and Argentina is getting stronger each year.
BlmThug  +   1131d ago
Your an idiot for disregarding the biggest cup in football. Without winning the world cup or even proving oneself on the international stage, one cannot be called the greatest EVER. I admit currently, Messi is the best player in the world but when compared to other greats, he falls short.
krazykombatant  +   1130d ago
Furthermore, to to be called the best ever he should win the WC at the very least more than once, or hell move to another league and be successful.
Sahil  +   1130d ago
He's the greatest player on earth, IMO
Imalwaysright  +   1130d ago
World Cup is only won with TEAM effort. This is an individual award. You could be the best football player in the world but if your team is crap you would never win the world cup. That however wouldnt change the fact that you would be the best in the world.
RGB  +   1129d ago
Nope, hasn't even won the South American national competition yet and then he needs to win a World Cup (for me at least twice).
SadeckJaffal  +   1131d ago
i think its unfair that messi get the ballon d'or , he just won with barcelonna the copa del rey unlike iniesta he won the euro cup plus he was the best player of it and ronaldo won la liga

so basically iniesta should get the ballon d'or
krazykombatant  +   1131d ago
Whilst messi is an incredible player in his own rights, what a bullshit excuse to give him the award.. He gets it for winning the copa del rey. Next year will be the same crap.
KingPin  +   1131d ago
every other player has to do the following 4 things to be considered for the ballon d'or
1) win all competitions they compete in simultaneously
2) be top goal scorer in all competitions the compete in
3) play all 90mins of all matches in all competitions.
4) most importantly, last but not least, this one is have to play for barcelona.
do 3 out of 4, tough sh!t for you son. you off that list.

all messi only has to win one trophy to get the ballon d'or.
Nes_Daze  +   1131d ago
I seriously think you are so butthurt that you don't even know what you're saying. Messi outscored Ronaldo in CL and la liga last season, and maybe Messi raised the bar when he helped his team achieve 3 trophies in one season? So no, this is the tightest it has ever been between the two players, and Messi won, now if you're a fan of Ronaldo, Real Madrid, and United then obviously you'll have a problem with that.

Oh and btw your formula comparison is off, whether you like it or not it will be Messi who will be compared to other legends, Ronaldo will, unfortunately, be remembered as that "other" Ronaldo. After all, what Barca has done against Madrid in this decade will be remembered, and so will the player who scored 91 goals in one season.

@krazy, no he won it for outscoring Ronaldo, outstaging him, if Ronaldo had won the CL they would've had to give it to him no matter what.
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krazykombatant  +   1130d ago
He outsocred him by what 4-6 goals pffftt. Considering how RM manage to run away with the title last year (which is what barca is doing this year). Plus managing to get on to the semis no only in the champions but in the Euro Cup I think that counts just the Copa del Rey. Furthermore, Ronaldo showed up just as much last season as messi so i don't get the "outstagging" bit.

Next season it will be messi again no matter if ronaldo and RM win Copa del Rey and Champions league, because of that one stat of 91 goals in a calendar year. We'll be here in a years time and be arguing how 91 goals trumps everything else.

I think both will be remembered with one another, Ronaldo has shown he can compete in separate leagues and dominate. Who ever can win a world cup once or hell even twice they are both young enough, then this argument should be finalized, otherwise they are pretty much even Steven in imo.
RedDevils  +   1130d ago
This say it all

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imtiyaz6  +   1131d ago
Both Ronaldo and Messi were brilliant last year and they both deserve it. Shame only one could win it. Anyways, wtf is Messi wearing?
momthemeatloaf  +   1131d ago
They forgot to present Ronaldo with the Fifa fall on floor award
p_bateman  +   1130d ago
Messi greatest player ever.

lol at Ronaldo's face haha you will never win it.

he's still only 25 an has broken goal scoring records like it was nothing the guy is a beast and will only get better.
commonprosperity1360   1130d ago | Spam
OmniSlashPT  +   1130d ago
People forget the capitans and managers of hundreds of countries voted for this award, not journalists, FIFA members or random internet trolls.

Even Messi admited it was not his best year because of the lack of team cups, but it was one of the best and most memorable individual years in the past decades. 91 goals? 50 goals in the league? More than 30 assists? winning games for himself? 1.3 goals/game ratio? that's just fucking ridiculous. Ronaldo played 76 games and score 60 goals. Messi played 73 and scored 91. wow
karim  +   1130d ago
Messi is a striker, Ronaldo is a winger? Ronaldo's record is quite unbelievable either for a player of his position
momthemeatloaf  +   1125d ago
Enough already, Robaldo scores garbage tap in goals or penalties.
karim  +   1125d ago
You do realise Messi scored 20 or more penalties last year, right? Tap ins, seriously? Ronaldo's goals are mostly superb, enough fanboyism

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