Highlights: Real Madrid 4-0 Celta Vigo ( Copa Del Rey 01/09/2013 )

[1-0] Cristiano Ronaldo - 3'
[2-0] Cristiano Ronaldo - 24'
[3-0] Cristiano Ronaldo - 87'
[4-0] Sami Khedira - 89'

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SadeckJaffal1570d ago

the first goal of ronaldo is magnificent
amazing shot !!!

asmith23061570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Yeah, lovely technique. It's nice to see him celebrating again as well.

buddymagoo1570d ago

I hat to bring it up BUT the thing about Ronaldo v Messi is no one realises how Ronaldo scores much more beautiful individual goals.

For that, for me, he is the best!

Samus HD1569d ago

Yes He is an Artist

RGB1568d ago

Ronaldo scores more technically goals from far distances and ridiculous angles.

Messi scores by dribbling and toying with defenders and goalkeepers.

Both have their own styles. Ronaldo 5 Messi 1 so far in 2013. :D

karim1570d ago

What a stunning goal by Ronaldo

KingPin1570d ago

ronaldo, poetry in motion.

great shot, shattered the offside trap, goes from defensive role sprints down the pitch and scores and assists for the final goal.


Nes_Daze1570d ago

Great goal by Ronaldo, he's the type of player who doesn't really dribble past 3-4 players and scores a goal, he takes a shot from far off, good that we can have that variety in play style.

SadeckJaffal1568d ago

no it's not true ronaldo is a great dribbler and has super speed and physical power and amazing shots and all the qualities of a great player

Nes_Daze1568d ago

lol, didn't say he was a bad dribbler, or anything about his speed, or physical power. He's a great dribbler, but he doesn't go head on into a group of 2-4, usually he is able to dribble past the defender working down his flank, but usually that's it.