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Submitted by SadeckJaffal 1126d ago | news

Chelsea fans turn on Torres & call for Demba Ba

Rafa Benitez's side suffered a 2-0 defeat at home to Swansea in the Capital One Cup and the home faithful appear to have finally lost patience with their £50 million striker

Chelsea fans’ frustrations with much-maligned striker Fernando Torres appeared to reach boiling point on Wednesday night, with supporters booing the Spaniard and calling for Demba Ba during the Capital One Cup defeat to Swansea. (Chelsea, Demba Ba, Fernando Torres, Other Cups)

goku32359  +   1126d ago
I want Torres to succeed, I really do. I see so many fans wanting his head on a pike, and it's really disheartening. He was once my favorite player in the world, now he's like a shell of his former self.

I wonder what a month or so on the bench will do for him. Maybe rejuvenate him, maybe deteriorate him even further. Unfortunately it doesn't look like he's ever going to be at his Liverpool Prime, at least not with Chelsea.
SadeckJaffal  +   1126d ago
yeah i think he will never going to be like liverpool but he can at least get better and score more with chelsea ...
krazykombatant  +   1125d ago
Torres is the only player who has ever gotten so much time to adapt to a new club and way of playing. Hes a broken thing that cost wayy too much. I've been saying it for a while now, maybe not on here but I've been saying that its time Torres is put to pasture and sent to the MLS.
vulcanproject  +   1125d ago
I don't know what anyone expects of Torres. He is past his best, period. He was past it long before Liverpool even sold him - otherwise they probably wouldn't have!

He had a one great season at Liverpool, and a decent one. He has never performed near that level since. Every player can do that, every player can point to a few good seasons but if they can't sustain it over a career when they have been fit then they aren't that brilliant. Of course even brilliant players can have poor form, suffer injuries, struggle, but 3 years of average performances isn't form.

His goalscoring record at Atletico was okay, nothing amazing. His record in the first few seasons at Liverpool was very good.

Then the last season there and all since he hasn't been particularly good.

Just quit on him already, he clearly isn't remotely as good as people thought he was. Everyone was impressed with his first season at Liverpool, then teams worked him out and he lost the edge. Thats not unusual.
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silvacrest  +   1125d ago
i was in the camp of wanting him to do well but like someone here has already said, hes has been given more time to settle in then anyone i can think of

bench torres and then sell him when we get lukaku back or bring in a new young striker asap
crazyturkey  +   1126d ago
That 50 million price tag is weighing him down. The pressure that he must have to perform well must be colossal. At this point I no longer believe that a period on the bench will help him at all. To be honest, I believe it will shatter the last bit of confidence he has. He needs to be sold and maybe he will reemerge as the top striker he once was in a new environment. Maybe trading him plus 40 million will get Chelsea Falcao. If he stays he needs to take a summer off just keeping in shape, but away from the team so that he takes a break from the hate that he is getting even from Chelsea's supporters.
goku32359  +   1126d ago
I want him to do well, no matter where, and it's looking less and less likely that it will be Chelsea. If it means Torres will return to Spain, then so be it.
asmith2306  +   1125d ago
"I no longer believe that a period on the bench will help him at all"... but he can't stay in the starting line up if he is not performing. Transfer fee or no transfer fee, no player is bigger than the club. Chelsea need a striker who can knock in goals week in, week out and Torres isn't doing that. I believe Ba can do that now. It's the owners fault for paying that ridiculous fee, but the other players, the manager and the fans shouldn't have to be tied down with that. It's about results, and Torres isn't getting any for Chelsea. He's not a game changer anymore. I thought he was magic for Liverpool but Chelsea need to get rid of him. He has had more than enough time to sort himself out.
Sahil  +   1125d ago
It wud be great for Torres, if he moves back to Atletico, the fans wud take him in a heartbeat.

Start him or bench him, he's not getting his confidence back anytime soon with the hefty price tag, media, critics on his back.

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