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Submitted by jak3y13oy 1115d ago | news

Guardiola appointed coach at Bayern Munich

The former Barcelona boss has been appointed to take over at the Allianz Arena, ending month's of speculation over his future (Bayern Munchen, German Bundesliga, Pep Guardiola)

goku32359  +   1115d ago
Damn, oh well. He'll do great things with Bayern.

Also, why is Heynckes stepping down in the summer?
Dungus  +   1115d ago
He's retiring, I think.
karim  +   1115d ago
Great for Bayern, great squad and a manager like Guardiola, they could rule Europe
Dungus  +   1115d ago
German football is great and it just got a little more exciting!
buddymagoo  +   1115d ago
Fantastic for Bayern and German football. Roman and City's owners must be ill along with Dortmund supporters. Good luck to him, he is taking on an exciting team of players.
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jak3y13oy  +   1115d ago
Good luck to pep and i love that he rejected the money from City and Chelsea and went for a lower wage and a better club! :D
RGB  +   1115d ago
Same, singing for either could of destroyed his legacy. Bayern is a bigger club than both with a true and proper history in world football, not bought trophies. Congrats to him!
Nes_Daze  +   1115d ago
I agree, I was actually hoping he would go to Bayern.
Corepred4  +   1115d ago
I don't get it? I'm curious to see him coach too but so far he's only coached Spain (barca) who have shown they can play without a coach. I guess I'll wait to see what happens before I start saying much.
buddymagoo  +   1115d ago
I reckon that's why he has taken a job abroad, to prove the doubters wrong. The one question mark he had against him was could he manage abroad and we'll now get to see.
RGB  +   1115d ago
What did I say? What did I say! haha

Love all the bullshit about Guardiola joining Chelsea or Manchester City. Papers, websites and people saying he's coming to England to manage. Guardiola only signs for proper clubs and not money clubs! Well done Guardiola!
Mozilla89  +   1115d ago
Because we all know "proper clubs" don't spend any money.
RGB  +   1114d ago
Proper clubs would include clubs with real football history, not bought trophies. Championships won by their own players and a starting XI not all bought in. Decades of dominance by playing football properly not winning trophies by spending billions in 10 years or by playing anti-football to win tinpot titles!

Barca, Real, Bayern, Dortmund, AC, Inter, Juventus, Arsenal, Liverpool and United are proper clubs.
Teams like Chelsea, City, PSG and maybe even Malaga now aren't proper clubs. They've bought their success by paying ridiculous prices and wages for players who aren't worth their price tags.

Yes football has because a business in the last 2 decades but at least some teams tried to operate with dignity.

Don't bother mentioning Barca, Real or United buying most of their talents over the years. They could do that because their made their money themselves in revenue streams and wasn't handed it by billionaire sugar daddies. Barca if anything bought back their robbed youth under Guardiola, Real's most successful periods in the 50s/60s and the late 90s early 00s was down to the backbone of highly successful youth players and United dominating success in the 90s and 00s came from their youth also!
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Baka-akaB  +   1114d ago
Uh ? PSG is a proper club with a rich history . They've paid ridiculous prices and made big money pushes lately , but their past is still rich before that part and without bought trophies.

They didnt win the UEFA Winners' Cup in '96 or were finalistes in UEFA's Super Cup with Quatari money . PSG have been for most of the club's life the top french club with Marseille and had decent stabs in international competitions , not to mention an international launching pad for many celeb players like Ronaldinho .
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RGB  +   1114d ago
Don't know where you get your info but PSG is nowhere near historically rich as you claim. Yes their cup success is good but the rest is pretty poor.

PSG rank 8th most with League titles. (2)
PSG rank 2nd most with Coupe de France. (8)
PSG rank joint 1st with 3 other clubs in Coupe de la Ligue. (3)
PSG rank 8th in Trophée des champions. (2)
PSG have 1 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup.

17 trophies.

AS Saint-Étienne;
10 Ligue 1 titles (most and 5x more than PSG), 6 Coupe de France titles (2 less than PSG), 5 Trophée des champions titles (3 more than PSG) and European Cup Runners-Up 1976.

21 trophies.

Olympique de Marseille;
9 Ligue 1 titles (2nd most and 7 more than PSG), 10 Coupe de France titles (Most and 2 more than PSG), 3 Coupe de la Ligue titles (tied with PSG but have never lost the final), 3 Trophée des champions titles (1 more than PSG), Winner of the first UEFA Champions League format in 1993 and UEFA Intertoto Cup winner in 2005.

27 trophies.

Olympique Lyonnais;
7 Ligue 1 titles (5 more than PSG), 5 Coupe de France titles (3 less than PSG), 1 Coupe de la Ligue title (2 less than PSG), 8 Trophée des Champions titles (6 more than PSG) and UEFA Intertoto Cup winners in 1997.

22 trophies.

FC Girondins de Bordeaux;
6 Ligue 1 titles (3x more than PSG), 3 Coupe de France titles (5 less than PSG), 3 Coupe de la Ligue titles (joint with PSG but have lost 3 finals), 3 Trophée des champions titles (1 more than PSG) and UEFA Intertoto Cup winner 1995.

16 trophies. 1st club with less (More League titles however).

Stade de Reims;
6 Ligue 1 titles (3x more than PSG), 2 Coupe de France titles (6 less than PSG), 5 Trophée des champions titles (3 more than PSG) and two-time European Cup Runners-Up to Real Madrid in 1956 and 1959.

13 trophies. 2nd club with less (More League titles however).

OGC Nice;
4 Ligue 1 titles (2 more than PSG) and 3 Coupe de France titles (5 less than PSG).

7 trophies. Much less titles but still more League titles.

Lille OSC;
3 Ligue 1 titles (1 more than PSG), 6 Coupe de France titles (2 less than PSG) and UEFA Intertoto Cup winners in 2004.

10 trophies. Less than PSG again but more League titles.

So to conclude; AS Saint-Étienne (3rd most decorated French club), Olympique de Marseille (Most decorated French club) and Olympique Lyonnais (2nd most decorated French club) have won more titles with FC Girondins de Bordeaux having more leagues titles and only 1 less than PSG overall. Also, another 3 clubs have more league titles. PSG isn't the 2nd richest club in terms of history, not even close!
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KingPin  +   1115d ago
great news.

now i wonder how many barca players he gonna try to sign in his first season.
asmith2306  +   1115d ago
Good work bayern, proves money can't get you everything. Will be interesting to see how he gets on outside of Barcelona. I'm sure he will be a success though.
Dungus  +   1115d ago
Does anyone even know if he actually received any solid offers from England?
mmj  +   1114d ago
Not surprising why would he go to the English Premier League where there is intense competition? better for him to move to another 2 teams dominating league and the worst he can do is 2nd place.

As I heard it said yesterday, did Pep make Barcelona or did barcelona make Pep? they appear to be doing better than ever without him this season.

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