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Submitted by jak3y13oy 1036d ago | highlight

Highlights: Manchester United 4-1 Fulham (FA Cup - 4th Round - 26/01/13)

1-0 Giggs (Penalty) 2'

2-0 Rooney 50'

3-0 Javier Hernandez 52'

4-0 Javier Hernandez 66'

4-1 Hughes 77' (FA Cup, Fulham, Manchester United)

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buddymagoo  +   1036d ago
Good performance by the team. We strolled that and I hope we do the same next week away to them in the premier league.
Anderson8  +   1035d ago
anderson was classy today and so was giggs.. lets keep em all fit and do over madrid in the champs league!
vulcanproject  +   1035d ago
Anderson is sheer class when he is fit which is to say he hardly ever is properly fit.

I can see why Ferguson tries to give him all the opportunities because he has looked hungry this season. If only he can just stay fit for a long long time and he can hold his place in the team.

He has made a couple incredible killer slotted pacey through balls so far for goals and that was another beauty today.
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RedDevils  +   1034d ago
If only Anderson loose more weight, that way he can stay fit and can play 2 games a week
buddymagoo  +   1034d ago
He's not fat he is just has a big build like Rooney
jak3y13oy  +   1036d ago
Hernandez is quality! great win :D
PowerPlayaaa  +   1035d ago
Glory Glory Man united :D

everybody in the team played really well, it was a real team effort, but man, Giggs still looks like he has atleast 5 more years to play before he quits, Hernandez should always start with rooney and RvP, he always scores and make a big difference for the team, not like Welbeck, he hardly make any goals or assists...
Anderson8  +   1035d ago
welbeck always puts in a quality shift the problem with starting all 3 of them is where would u put em?.. one or two of em would have to play out of position with the formation we play and welbeck can play out wide so thats why he gets the nod..
PowerPlayaaa  +   1034d ago
or you put Rooney behind hernandez and RvP, Rooney is also an all around player that can play in many positions...

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