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Chelsea want Mourinho return

Chelsea have begun talks with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho over a potential return to Stamford Bridge. The 50-year-old looks set to leave the Spanish club at the end of the season. (Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid, Transfers)

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karim  +   780d ago
Make it happen!!
Dark11  +   780d ago
That will be Great!!
asmith2306  +   779d ago
Not even a Chelsea fan but would love to see him in the PL again. I think he's a legend.
krazykombatant  +   779d ago
Hed be an idiot to go back after getting sacked.
KingPin  +   779d ago
he didnt get sacked. he left. its was a mutual decision by the club. he and Abramovich had differences regarding the team. so they chose to part ways.
krazykombatant  +   779d ago
He was let go because he couldn't win the champions with them. Besides, there is the same risk of the same happening. Whats he gonna do? He cant get rid of the dead weight that is torres. I expect him to leave RM in the summer but notto Chelsea. And like I said if he does he'd be an idiot.
TruthBTold  +   779d ago
I just keep thinking Mourihno would seem a better fit for PSG.
mcstorm  +   779d ago
That's where I think he will go. I think he will be the one to replace Sir Alex after he steps down in 2 seasons. I don't honk he will go back to Chelsea and I think Chelsea will now find it hard to find a new world class manager after the way he has treated the last 3 or 4 managers.
KingPin  +   779d ago
when Mou left, they were still in the quater-finals of the champions league. they actually went into the finals under Avram Grant, who didn't do anything different, and lost the finals. if he was there, chelsea could've won the champions league. you never know. he had better tactics than Grant.

and as for getting rid of torres, that will never happen. roman has more control of the team than the manager does. he tells the manager who must play. Ancelotti never wanted torres, got him and was forced to start him match after match in that horrendous form.

but you right, mou would be an idiot to go back to chelsea, not coz he got sacked, but coz he wont have control over the team.
Dungus  +   779d ago
He needs to be at a club that isn't run by a tyrannical megalomanic who doesn't have a clue about football. That should rule out Chelsea, but stranger things have happened. He'd probably ask for the funds to sign a few desperately needed central midfielders and get sacked for stepping out of line. He'd be like, "why do we have 25 players out on loan and only the barest of backup to Mikel and Lampard, a legend we no longer want at the club? Couldn't we have at least went in for Sissoko or even, at a push, Wanyama?" and Roman would be all like, "SACKED. GET OUT OF HERE. YER OUT, MATE"

LOL. I hate Chelsea. Joke of a club.
silvacrest  +   779d ago
a "joke of a club does" does not win titiles

just sayin...
Dungus  +   779d ago
A team with a billionaire owner should be winning ALL the titles. Just saying.
Orb  +   779d ago
Billionaire owners?
Arsenal - Kroenke, Usmanov
Aston Villa - Randy Lerner
Chelsea - Abrahamovic
Fulham - Md Al-Fayed
Man City - Al Nahyan
Man Utd - Malcolm Glazer
Newcastle Utd - Mike Ashley
QPR - Mittal
Reading - Zingarevich
Southampton - Liebherr
Stoke City - Coates
Sunderland - Ellis Short
Tottenham - Joe Lewis
West Ham - Dave Sullivan

14 clubs in the Premier League have billionaire owners. At least 3 are richer than Abrahamovic. Should they all be "winning ALL the titles"?
imtiyaz6  +   779d ago
I know 2 of them are Usmanov and Al Nahyan, who's the other one?
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Dungus  +   779d ago
Yes, you're 100% right. An owner who regularly pumps hundreds and hundreds of millions into the playing squad in a bid to win all the titles would have been a more appropriate description. I don't see Sullivan, Lewis, Short, Coates, Liebherr etc. etc. doing that any time soon, so I've kind of disregarded them. You're right, though!
Fil101  +   779d ago
There's a BIG difference between a "millionaire" and a "billionaire".
Orb  +   779d ago
@imtiyaz6 - L.N. Mittal of QPR. He's the wealthiest man in Britain.

@Fil101 - They're all US-dollar billionaires. Probably every team owner in the higher leagues is a millionaire.

@Dungus - True, it seems only Abrahamovic and Al Nahyan spend like crazy.
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Gamer1982  +   779d ago
Hes an idiot if he goes back to that revolving door club. If he does I will lose all respect for him as a manager he left just before the revolving door was installed and he should come to City. Mancini is clueless and got by last season thanks to superior players dragging him to the title rather than superior management skills. With mourinho in charge City would steamroll the premier league.

Chelsea are a joke of a club now and are once again this year in free fall and could once again fall outside top 4 and that would leave them with no CL next year. They shouldn't even be in it this year. They were lucky to have won it last year.
silvacrest  +   779d ago
they have won most major titles, if you meant they should be winning all the titles all the time you are insane if you think money is the defining factor

and orb has already debunked your theory
silvacrest  +   779d ago
i only support this if part of the contract stops roman from firing him within 3 years
Gamer1982  +   779d ago
NEVER gonna happen no such contract can exist.
silvacrest  +   779d ago
okay 3 years is generous but there is no way he will join knowing he could get the boot at any moment

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