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Neymar: England not one of Brazil's rivals for the World Cup

The Santos forward does not consider the Three Lions serious contenders in 2014 believing that they are over-reliant on Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney (Brazil, England, FIFA World Cup, International, Neymar)

karim  +   754d ago
Neymar endearing himself already to the English faithful..
Nes_Daze  +   754d ago
I wonder if Neymar will be able to score against England... usually he gets thrown around easily by a team with a decent defense.
karim  +   753d ago
He easily bullies weak defenders, let's see what he can do againt Premier League level defenders..
asmith2306  +   753d ago
Haha, premier league defenders who leak goals. On topic, he is right, England are so arrogant and as a result, overrated.
buddymagoo  +   753d ago
Cahill, Smalling and Johnson bossed him tonight to the point where I had to check if he was still on the field.
jony_dols  +   752d ago
Neymar is the most unproven, overrated player on the planet. The closest thing to top-tier football he's played, was when his team Santos were hockeyed 4-0 by Barca in the the World Club Final. Hell even Brazil's standards have dropped since he started playing international football.
vulcanproject  +   752d ago
Oh well, Brazil ran their mouths before the game and in truth got mostly beat up.

The penalty was harsh, and their goal was a stupid mistake from Cahill whereas England's 2 goals came from creation in open play.

England might very well not have any chance to win the World Cup next year but on this evidence Brazil are no better off.

It is a nice little boost for England anyway, there is some progress there. The World Cup will come too soon but the younger players are filtering in just fine, Wilshere bossing that game, Cleverley working hard etc
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listenkids  +   753d ago
Try harder next time Neymar, you might be noticeable.
Nes_Daze  +   753d ago
As you can see, he went missing, he needs some experience in Europe, and Brazil needs to work better up front. This guy couldn't score against Mexico, which has a decent defense, why would anybody think he could score against England??
krazykombatant  +   753d ago
Getting Ronaldinho to take the penalty was a mistake. Let alone starting him. Fair result for England, though I dont know what to make with some people. Had England lost would have heard, it was just a friendly. But they won and all the prem/England supporters come out. Neymar maybe not have scored but he was still plenty dangerous. Brasil, need the confederation cup to try and work out what they need.

Also, am I the only one that thinks it weird that julio cesar got called back, yeah hes been in form lately but still, there must be better keepers in Brazil's pool.
shadowraiden  +   753d ago
must be better keepers have you seen Cesar's record ok he had some bad results for inter but then the whole team became pathetic after mourinho left.

Cesar has been the brazilian GK for a long time and has been showing in england why hes classed as 1 of the top 5 gk's in the world so i doubt they have better.

as for neymar he was dangerous yeah at maybe turning up he did nothing and has yet to show anything against a decent defence hes another arrogant kid who thinks hes all it when hes too scared to prove himself in the big boy leagues like the best players are, there are plenty of strikers i would be more scared of in europe then neymar because they dont get bossed about like a little kid.
krazykombatant  +   752d ago
Cesars form has dropped from that of 06 WC back then he was solid, maybe casillas and buffon (the usuals) would be the only ones close to his prowess.

As for Neymar, don't say that there are "scarier" players the likes of oscar does well at chelsea. Scolari has plenty of work to get done before next summer. For the most part most people haven't seen the kid play that much outside of these friendlies. I'm sure quite a few people will be surprised at his leveled skilled. Furthermoe, been as young as he is, he still has plenty of time to improve over any gaps in his skill.
momthemeatloaf  +   753d ago
Lucas is the best Brazilian player, when he gets the ball and goes it takes your breath away. Neymar makes great passes, but otherwise not as big a threat as Lucas.
mynameisq  +   753d ago
Lucas? :S last night it was Adriano, Oscar, Cesar and Fred took his goal well. The whole hype around the win isn't the fact we beat a big team, we've done that before in friendlies (Spain, germany etc) the point is that for once we actually played some decent football, we didn't just have 11 men behind the ball hoping to just park the bus. Some players you can just tell will be amazing, and you could tell with Wilshere straight away, his performance vs Barca was amazing, if only he hadn't have got injured!!!
shadowraiden  +   753d ago
i think the 3 man midfield complemented each other completely having 3 hard working but also skillful players that can do every role certainly gave england advantage over a very average brazil midfield.

we need to continue with the 3 man midfield with atleast Cleverly and Wilshire being of those 3 to get them even more use to playing with each other.

you then add the power and workrate of rooney upfront with the pace of walcott and we might be onto a style that gets england playing their own style instead of just trying to copy every other country for once.
BlmThug  +   753d ago
Front row seats Yesterday :D and Neymar, although fast, was pushed of the ball easily. He has yet to live up to any of the hype i've heard
chukamachine  +   752d ago
Man of the match was easily Wilshire.

Rooney scored the follow up goal made by Walcott.

Welbeck isn't good enough, and he needs replacing.

As for brazil, they were brought down to earth.

I'm not going to say England will win anything, but they showed with a decent team, they have a chance.
karim  +   752d ago
Oscar was Brazil's best performer.
krazykombatant  +   752d ago
Lol what did Wilshire do last night. Me and other people and at the pub were bewildered when he was shown to be the man of the match.
mmj  +   752d ago
Pretty big words from a guy who missed an open net TWICE from 5 yards, get back to playing in Brazil against mug defenses and take all of the hype back with you.
dragonrage00  +   752d ago
Neymar is a talent, but still has a LOT to improve upon. He has no experience against any kind of serious marking schemes. South America is ages behind Europe in that area. Deciding to stay in Brazil facing bad defenders, and getting fouls every time he dives hasnt done any favours to his football either.

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