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Lukaku: I dream of becoming a Chelsea legend

Goal - The 19-year-old striker accepts that he will have to compete with a host of big names at the club, but hopes to make a significant impact in the future at Stamford Bridge.

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karim1843d ago

He sure will be greater than Torres

johnsonbat1842d ago

I've never seen you play Karim but I'd take a stab and say you'd be greater than Torres;)

karim1842d ago

Haha, I'm a Centre Back and I always Torress it when I'm attacking!

johnsonbat1841d ago

Haha that's why Torres should play CB. If the ball is anywhere near the 18 yard area there is no way that ball is going to find the back of the net.

Dungus1842d ago

He is so good and can only get better. I hope he gets a good run when he returns, would be a waste if not.