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Submitted by jak3y13oy 1092d ago | highlight

Highlights: Real Madrid 1-1 Manchester United (UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - 13/02/13)

0-1 Welbeck 20'

1-1 Cristiano Ronaldo 30' (Manchester United, Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League)

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buddymagoo  +   1092d ago
Great result and a good tense game. We could have won that if RVP hadn't sliced his shot.

Welbeck was fantastic!
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zeddy  +   1092d ago
good defensive performance too, didnt really give madrid loads of chances. reminds me of the defensive performances of 2008.
buddymagoo  +   1092d ago
We could and should have won that game. Varane on any other day could have got a red for fouling the last man Evra.

Welbeck had a one on one with the keeper and could have scored. RVP had a shot brushed on the the bar and then if he hadn't scuffed the shot afterwards Ramos wouldn't have been able to clear the ball off the line. Then the shot at the end that looked to be going in but drew a great save from the keeper

Giggs could have took a first time shot but instead took too many touches.

So many chances from our point of view but Madrid could have grabbed it as well. Great game!
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RGB  +   1092d ago

Varane challenge was never a red, Ramos was covering and Evra went down way too easy!

Alonso cleared the ball not Ramos! :/

Both teams had plenty of chances.
vulcanproject  +   1092d ago
United clearly went there setup to keep the game tight and snatch a precious precious away goal from a counter or set piece. United did exactly what they set out to do. Mission accomplished. Advantage United. It was even done minus Vidic who was on top form against Everton.

Madrid plainly dominated much of the play, but who DIDN'T expect that? Who goes to the Bernabeu and outplays Madrid? Even Barcelona rarely do such a thing. I seem to recall not 2 weeks ago in the Copa del Ray Madrid pressing Barca all game and Barca managing the same result seen here....

Madrid have everything on this game, knowing their league is shot. They were fully motivated.

Against top level opponents over two legs, its all about the RESULT away from home and United have got a real good one there. Barcelona considered their 1-1 good, so will Ferguson.

United have gone through 17 times out of 19 when they have not lost away in the first leg, and Madrid have not travelled that well in recent years.

I think you have to say advantage Manchester United, Madrid aimed to win but failed, looked vulnerable defensively and could just have easily conceded more. United can take heart from that knowing they will surely get golden chances at Old Trafford as well.

When you hear Mourinho moaning about defensive tactics after the game you know you have annoyed him.

Mourinho, he of Porto, Chelsea and Inter parking the bus fame?

Classic. At least United offered a very real threat on the counter.
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krazykombatant  +   1092d ago
Woulda, shoulda. Madrid were hungrier the whole match if the varane tackle on evra was a foul so was the di maria tackle in the box. My worse complain of the match was the ref. Almost every other play he was I the middle of a pass, a run something. Frustrating to see a play from either side stopped cuz the ref doesnt know how to position himself.

De gea saved ManU tonight, but can you hold Madrid to 1 goal or less. I doubt it.
Computersaysno  +   1091d ago
Ummm man utd did keep real madrid to one goal or less last night.
--Onilink--  +   1091d ago
oh please, di maria could have been touched by phil jones finger and still would have been sent flying... it was simply a body to body tackle of one very skinny little man against a huge guy like jones
RGB  +   1092d ago
Need to question Mourinho, he's got nothing this season but the Champions League going for him. Ferguson brings on attacking players and Jose just subs man for man. :/

Welbeck for me was MoTM, to come to Madrid and play that well, could of had a 2nd goal too. De Gea played well after a few wobbles, same with Lopez.

For me Madrid played better (people would say I would say that) and had many more chances but couldn't finish as per usual. If it was Barca, it would of been over already. Overall, fair enough result but could see United go through now! Madrid should of killed it though. :/
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Nes_Daze  +   1092d ago
Madrid did play better, and as for Barca, seeing how United and Barca play nothing alike, I think it would've been a different game altogether.
krazykombatant  +   1092d ago
We limited man u to 1 away goal. That could mean the world as I dont see them being able to keep madrid from scoring like so many chances tonight.
vulcanproject  +   1092d ago
You played at home and failed to win despite making it clear that was what you were trying to do, and you conceded an away goal in the process.

United take a lead into the 2nd leg, a very small one easily wiped out but a lead nonetheless as the away goal. This also insulates them from being eliminated by a single away goal, which will be a comforting albeit small buffer.

I don't see how you think Madrid can suddenly beat United any easier at Old Trafford than they failed to do tonight on home soil.

You talk as if the impetus was with United to come beat you, when really it was your responsibility to beat them at home and take a lead. You failed.

Madrid now must come out, and they must set out to attack away from home.

That will be very dangerous and risky. Especially against a United team built on a foundation of counter attacking.

You should be more worried about how many times Madrid's fragile defence could be breached, with United at home, better rested, with probably Vidic back in the side as well.

United had to travel off the back of a potentially tricky Sunday Everton fixture-now Madrid have to do it but they have to face Barcelona 3 days before going to Manchester.

Ferguson will be most pleased.
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krazykombatant  +   1092d ago
@vulcan, De Gea kept madrid out of the goal. Ill take my chances at old trafford, I expect RM to take more chances next time around. Itll be great match non the less do man u have an advantage, yeah a slight one, but I dont think they can keep Madrid from scoring 2 goals.
Corepred4  +   1091d ago
Is it me or is vulcanproject the new magoo? Lol I've been enjoying the input magoo puts in now but Vulcan, yeesh!
shadowraiden  +   1091d ago
this the same i dont see them having any chance and being beaten 5-0 at home like every madrid fan was saying before the game.

face it you got showed up on the night by a team of maybe less skilled individually but a better team.

i cant remember seeing a real clear cut chance for real madrid other then long shots taken from outside or just inside the box while United created more clear cut chances that on another day Van Persie would have ended the tie with United winning 1-3.

so what if you have the possession who cares the game is about scoring goals something you could only do from a wonder goal header.
vulcanproject  +   1091d ago
Thats De Gea's job. Your GK kept United from scoring a second. Thats his job.

United will get even more chances at OT now I believe, and Madrid less.

I love how you said you don't think United can prevent Madrid scoring twice, when that is what they just did, and at the Bernabeu to boot! LOL!

Now you have to play Barcelona the weekend before you fly to Manchester, frankly if you can't admit that United got a good result and have the advantage you are rather delusional.

The fact is you failed to beat United at home, and now you somehow think it'll be easier to pull it off at Old Trafford.

You didn't beat Man City when you went to their ground, you have only won once in England in the past 5 games you played there and that was against Spurs.

You can keep shouting as if you'll walk over United at OT but everything is stacked against you now. Even when you performed at your very best at OT and Fat Ronaldo got his hat trick you still lost the game and United would progress now with a repeat of that result!
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krazykombatant  +   1091d ago
@vulcandalm down, I havent said itll be easier but madrid have a lot riding next couple of games. Barcelona leg should get us in good from for OT test. I think de gea had a phenomenal game but I dont know if he can repeat that result, one goal from madrid puts us ahead on aggregate. Id be worried if we had lost 2-1. If anything next leg willl be extra time.
vulcanproject  +   1091d ago
Real Madrid have never gone through after drawing the first leg 1-1 at home. 18 times in Champions league history a knockout first leg has ended 1-1, just 4 times from 18 the away side in the second leg has gone through.

United have nearly always gone through (17 from 19) when they haven't lost the first away leg in a knockout.

United can (and probably will) rotate virtually the whole team the weekend before against Norwich at home to give everyone required a rest. Madrid almost certainly will not against Barca in the Copa del Rey.

Madrid's away record is not very good in recent times. 8 losses and 5 draws from 20 away games this season.

Needless to say I think Man Utd have plenty to be positive about.
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doncorleone  +   1092d ago
Madrid dominated the game and amazing goal from ronaldo, but Manu had great chances... and its incredible how madrid keeps conceding goals from corners this season. Anyway really entertaining match that didnt disappoint, and the hype just got bigger for the second leg, can't wait!
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asmith2306  +   1092d ago
Great game. It's still wide open which is nice. Thought the ref had an off night. De Gea had a great game, don't know why he gets so much stick.
Anderson8  +   1092d ago
great game to watch.. both teams could of won it, de gea, welbeck and di maria were the best players on the pitch... hopefully we can win it at old trafford. a shame rvp missed his best oppertunity
goku32359  +   1092d ago
Good game. I hope this performance silences De Gea haters!
Thefreeman012  +   1092d ago
United started out a bit withdrawn, giving Madrid way too much respect, even after their goal. Second half they shook the nerves off for the most part.

I was really impressed with Welbeck's wing play. not so much with Kagawa, which i thought this would be the kind of game he thrives in.

Good game
topgeareasy  +   1092d ago
Ramos should of been sent off
Theo1130  +   1091d ago
topgeareasy  +   1091d ago
blatant diving on multiple occasions during the match
Prophet112  +   1091d ago
For elbowing Jonny Evans.
Infernostew  +   1091d ago
Or change his last name to Busquets.
Kos-Mos  +   1091d ago
He was a bloody moron that game and should be banned for that. I HATE football from the southern Europe.
RGB  +   1092d ago
Interesting stat, Ferguson has only ever beaten Mourinho twice in 16 games.
ninjagoat  +   1092d ago
Intresting fact them teams wanted to play for Mourinho ;).
Theo1130  +   1091d ago
De Gea saved Man U, this would have been out of hand if he wasn't under the post. One thing is clear though: Sergio Ramos is a terrible defender and We need a new striker, Cavani, Falcao or Jackson.
Nes_Daze  +   1091d ago
I'm glad De Gea had such a good performance, I personally think Madrid has too much riding on the CL to actually lose at old trafford, I expect a 2-1 victory for Madrid, or if the 1-1 repeats itself, which I doubt it'll happen, we can watch Ramos put another ball into orbit. :)
karim  +   1091d ago
Okay..United fans were bashing Chelsea for their defensive performances last year and yesterday they're actually praising United's style of play..Talk about fickle fans
shadowraiden  +   1091d ago
i didnt hear any united fans bashing chelsea last year heck most praised the defensive and team performances that i know so dont judge us on little kids who know nothing about football(like 99% on here)
karim  +   1091d ago
Didn't talk about the majority of fans Shadow..I have to admit against Barcelona, we played over the top defensive football but against Bayern, our style of play was very similar to United and if you checked twitter after our win, there was a group of United fans bashing us and saying we didn't deserve it because we played defensive and that we were the anti-football of all football teams so it really amazed me when the same group of people were praising United yesterday.
Kos-Mos  +   1091d ago
Well the difference is actually that United (god bless them) made several chances.
karim  +   1091d ago
And Chelsea didn't? Look at the stats
chukamachine  +   1091d ago
If ramos should have been sent off, then JONES should have sent off twice, the guy is awful. All he does is foul, ref was a total joke.

Overall RD deserved the win, utd were counter team and it worked ok in places.
asmith2306  +   1091d ago
Maybe not sent off but my god, everytime he challenges a player he does it by pushing and shoving. This match showed me how clumsy he is. Pushing Di Maria over in the box should have been a penalty considering the ref gave Utd a free kick two mins later for Arbeloa doing the exact same thing to Evra. Ref had an off match but fair result in my opinion. Next game is wide open and I expect Madrid to score at Old Trafford. If not for De Gea, they could have had at least three goals.
Prophet112  +   1091d ago
Jones went in shoulder to shoulder, therefore it was a fair challenge, if he went into Di Maria's back like Yaya Toure did against Southampton it would be a penalty.
Another example in the same game was Raphael going shoulder to shoulder with Ronaldo by the corner flag, it was a clean challenge therefore no free kick for Real Madrid.
asmith2306  +   1091d ago
@Prophet, are you blind? It was a push. In order for it to be shoulder to shoulder, shoulders have to contact. Not hand on shoulder.
Prophet112  +   1091d ago
Lets agree to disagree.
Dungus  +   1091d ago
Madrid should be winning all their home ties, just shows how well Man U played. It's going to be a great 2nd leg.
KingPin  +   1091d ago
this game lived up to its hype.

united scored as expected, ronaldo scored a great goal, as expected. pretty even game.

great to see the sportsmanship from ronaldo and the respect he showed united after scoring. well done to him. as for that goal, talk about having pep in your step. his knees were in line with evras head. like fergie said, thats definitely something you wont see messi do.

looking forward to part 2 of this epic encounter. hard for me to pick sides. i support both clubs.
Dungus  +   1091d ago
The slow motion replay of Evra turning around and looking up at Ronaldo towering in the sky above him was hilarious! Amazing goal.
PS4OUR  +   1091d ago
It must hurt Real fans to acknowledge that United played well. Both teams could have won that but one has to give Man United their dues. They performed away at Madrid and could have won the game had Robin Van Persie put away that scuffed clear cut chance he got in the 2nd half.

I love how its somehow an advantage to Madrid when its them that has conceded an away goal.

With that fragile defence. I can see United play the same tactics at Old Trafford and just pick Madrid off on the counter attack.

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