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Mancini rejects 'sack' suggestions & insists Manchester City are still in title race

The Italian believes that his potential dismissal would make every manager in the Premier League fear for their position, insisting that "three or four games can change everything"

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karim1889d ago

They don't have the composure..United will win it

shadowraiden1888d ago

its over for City, United wont drop a lead like that with the current form and squad.

Mancini is at fault due to his signings none of them were good signings and a few he might aswell not signed them for example he sells Johnson only to buy sinclair and do the exact same thing he did with Johnson.

also at fault due to the fact he decided for majority of season would drop the best CB he had available in Lescott even after Lescott did so well last season for them.

fOrlOnhOpe571887d ago

I certainly wouldn't expect Mancini's comment to apply to Fergie.