Atletico open to Torres-Falcao swap

Atletico Madrid are interested in taking Fernando Torres back to the club, paving the way for Falcao to join Chelsea in the summer.

SadeckJaffal1166d ago

Is That even possible ?
I mean falcao to torres !! That's a surprise
or maybe atletico gives falcao in exchange of torres and money, that's possible maybe

SadeckJaffal1166d ago

hahaha , but their's other clubs that wants him ( Real Madrid , Man City , Barcelona and Others too )

The_Devil_Hunter1165d ago

Falcao is a fantastic striker but with all honesty Torres at his best is better than Falcao at his best. Too bad we wont see that at Chelsea.

silvacrest1165d ago

heres hoping chelsea do whatever they have to to make this happen

Thefreeman0121165d ago

That would be a steal for Chelsea considering torres is terrible

Dungus1165d ago

It would be an easy decision for a misfiring striker to go back to a club where he is highly regarded. One last big fat paycheck.

He's pump.

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