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Submitted by SadeckJaffal 1087d ago | highlight

Highlights: Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich ( UEFA Champions League 19/02/2013 )

[0-1] T. Kroos - 7'
[0-2] T. Müller - 21'
[1-2] L. Podolski - 55'
[1-3] M. Mandzukic - 77' (Arsenal, Bayern Munchen, UEFA Champions League)

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SadeckJaffal  +   1087d ago
Fair score , we all knew it.
Arsenal should thanks the ref. for the corner and the goal.
Bayern played very well like usual , nice tacktic ( counter attack ) , and i think bayern will qualified
vulcanproject  +   1087d ago
Well that was a pasting. Remember when the draw came out, I said Arsenal have no chance there against anyone but Malaga and Bayern would waltze over them. Got lots of disagrees weirdly.

So in your face disagreers! Lol

Arsenal were just outclassed really. Bayern were very good but we know they are running away with the Bundesliga and Arsenal are not in good form and struggling a little in the league.

Anything less than a Bayern win would have been a shock result, in reality.
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SadeckJaffal  +   1087d ago
Yes of course , and i think the match in bayern will be the same result but without any goal for arsenal. Only if the ref. give them another corner ! lol
karim  +   1087d ago
Expected a 5-0 scoreline after the first half tbh..Arsenal were truly outclassed
SadeckJaffal  +   1087d ago
No they weren't that bad , but bayern is just stronger than them !!
And the possession was for arsenal
ngecenk  +   1087d ago
thats because they were keeping the ball on the defensive side. there is no chance for them to go forward since bayern would steal the ball.
GanjaMan  +   1086d ago
cant wait to watch chelsea's match tonight, ohh wait....
karim  +   1086d ago
That joke has been used so many times (I've even used it with my friends countless times), so if you think you're being funny or original with this comment, you're completely wrong
xX_Altair_Xx  +   1087d ago
Thought it would be 4-0 Bayern, so Arsenal actually did pretty well!

But I really don't get all this Wilshere praise; it's like every match people on twitter are commenting on how good he is, almost like he's Zidane.

Got schooled today by Kroos and there's plenty more like him in Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A etc. Even though I'm a Utd fan I just don't see how one can say Wilshere is better than better European talents.
BlmThug  +   1087d ago
I, honest to <insert entity>, don't see it either. He's meh IMHO.
Nes_Daze  +   1087d ago
Robben was too much of a problem for Arsenal in the second half, and Bayern was great in defense, completely closed down their counter attacks. Lahm had a pretty good game too.
buddymagoo  +   1087d ago
Wilshere is terrible, he runs around in circles with the ball takes on a player looks to be doing great then fluffs the pass over and over again. KEEP IT SIMPLE!
chukamachine  +   1086d ago
Are you shitting me?

Wilshere pisses all of your midfielders in your team today, only player worth anything there is persie. and fergie would die for Wilshire.

Difference is buddy, other teams pay utd far to much respect, this season there has been about 10games where utd have been very lucky to get a win. simple things like offsides, corners, etc.

Regarding the score.

2 very sloppy defensive errors and 1 goal that was struck as the keeper was blind sided, abit like rooneys other goal.

I don't think it's in the bag for Bayern as for periods of the second half, arsenal were totally on top.
buddymagoo  +   1086d ago
Hahaha all you have is talk. You think people pay us respect?? They try their hardest because beating us is a huge scalp. And Van Persie hasn't scored in the last 5 games so he is not the be all and end all.

I wasn't talking about my team but anyway.

Played 24 90.8% pass success 2 goals 1 assist
played 21 86.9% pass success 1 goal 4 assist

and Cleverley isn't a guaranteed starter. Then we have Scholes and Carrick who make Jack look like a mug or are you forgetting the Utd-Arsenal game earlier in the season?

As for us being lucky, hahahaha you must be deluded. We have worked for what we have and its not been luck the past 20 years. I suppose Arsenal have been unlucky the last 8 years they have won nothing ey???
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krazykombatant  +   1087d ago
Boring match. Arsenak needed the ref to help them score.
ad4mb  +   1087d ago
Woah, way to much Wilshere hate in here... hes the only player on arsenals team that looks to have any drive. most of their attacks go through him, his dribbling has really improved and hes got great vision. not to mention hes been out a lot with injuries etc. He is the only arsenal player I would have at united atm.
buddymagoo  +   1087d ago
He looks like a busy fool.
gunnerforlife  +   1087d ago for them haters heres

"he can reach the height of the players we have here at Barcelona like Xavi and Iniesta"
Infernostew  +   1087d ago
Really? A "article" is supposed to mean something?
gunnerforlife  +   1087d ago
Article? LOL dude its got quotes and everything From Alves! u know the first choice rightback from barcelona,if it didnt have any quotes id understand where ur coming from(yes are crap) but the quotes alone make it a worthy example of what u guys are talking about is Bullsh!t and have no idea what u are actually talking about in the first place lool
BlmThug  +   1087d ago
Yes because this is the first time a player has said something like this and later turned out to be bollo*ks /S
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1087d ago
Well at least Arsenal will be able to concentrate on the Wenger Cup (its won by the team finishing 4th in the Premier League.....
Dungus  +   1087d ago
Arsenal taught a lesson.
Dungus  +   1087d ago
As for Wilshere, he's an excellent young player playing in a mostly awful football team. He's raw, makes mistakes, but is exciting, wants the ball and wants to drive forward. I'd have him over lightweight clowns like Arteta any day of the week. English people should be excited they might have a new Gazza (90s version) on their hands in the coming years.
KingPin  +   1087d ago
so thats the end of arsenal then.

guess the next match will just be a formality for juve and bayern.
asmith2306  +   1087d ago
I didn't see the game but I expected this kind of result. Arsenal seem to be clinging to the myth that they are still a top side; I like Arsenal and I am saying this. Wenger just doesn't have the resources and in my opinion does well with what he's got. If I were him though I would leave, he would be picked up by a more ambitious club.
KingPin  +   1086d ago
wow, we agree on something finally. lol
Dungus  +   1086d ago
The only myth here is that Arsenal "don't have the resources". They're absolutely loaded and in Wenger they have a manager so stubborn, he's willing to give up trophy after trophy to keep the club rich.
shadowraiden  +   1086d ago
dont have the resources yet he constantly spends money on youngsters and average players instead of actual quality.

he has brought many good players and then refused to play them and let them just rot on the bench like Chamakh,Park etc all were good talents that just needed games to get accustomed to the premiership and yet got only a few bit part appearances.
asmith2306  +   1086d ago
@Dungus Arsenal went into ~400m debt when they switched over to the Emirates. A lot of top clubs operate on huge amounts of debt, something the Arsenal board don't want to do. I agree with that philosophy to a certain extent but they at least need to up their wage cap even if it means taking a bit of a hit. It has to be said that Arsenal were competing before the billionaires started to hit the PL and bankrolled clubs like Chelsea, and now City. The same could be said for Liverpool. It's not a coincidence.

@KingPin, oh yeah lol!

@Shadow, well of course he buys youngsters, in the hope that they will end up as world class players like Henry, Vieira, Fabgregas (arguably!), Cole, etc. He has done it before. The problem now when they want to sign proven quality is the boards wage budget, which is also why the players he does bring through as youngsters end up leaving when they mature as players. It's a vicious cycle Wenger is stuck in.
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Gamer1982  +   1086d ago
Another trophyless seasons for Wenger and its looking like 4th may be out the window this season aswell. If that happens you can say goodbye to Arsenal as I don't think they will get back in just like what happened with Liverpool.
Neurotoxin  +   1086d ago
Arsenal fans getting behind the team as usual.... did they really think they'd beat a world class team. Deluded really.
chukamachine  +   1086d ago
Wilshire has only been back a short while.

Not sure what stats your game was from buddy.

Defence let arsenal down, as it has all season.

Yeah buddy 2-1 you beat us.

Without persie, you would not be as clear at the top as you are, has got you out of jail many times.

I'm an arsenal fan obviously and know what is missing in the team, and what needs fixing. The defence is a shambles, both Bayern goals were awful examples of this. as was the Blackburn goal. cheap goals.

Until that changes, arsenal will be on the back foot.

Ouch barca beaten 2-0. They won't score more then 2 on the return leg. They are out.
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