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Highlights: Manchester City 2-0 Chelsea ( English Premier League 24/02/2013 )

[1-0] Y. Touré - 63'
[2-0] C. Tevez - 85' (Chelsea, English Premier League, Manchester City)

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goku32359  +   760d ago
Dissapointing performance... Possession was even, but City actually used advantage of their possession and actually pushed forward.

We only looked like we were trying to get something out of the game in the last 5 minutes, when it was too little too late. I can't really blame any one player, instead it was one of those cases where almost everybody was sub-par. I also can't really blame Benitez. With the team he chose we should've done better. It was a stupid decision to take off Hazard though, since he looked like our deadliest player.

In other words, I would've been better off not waking up for this match.
oli  +   760d ago
You can blame players. Lampard, that penalty shot was to be blasted not aimed precisely. Ramires, he was losing posession quite a bit.
Gamer1982  +   759d ago
Sorry but the penalty was well taken and in the bottom left corner if blasted it probably would have gone wide. He didn't deserve the penalty in the first place, although the keeper was at fault for his position there was still a dive for the penalty )and by far no the first dive from a chelsea player of the game!)
Thefreeman012  +   760d ago
I couldn't even enjoy watching the game because of Gus Johnson.... what a awful fu**ing commentator that guy is... I dont want a english guy commenting hockey.. thats a canadian's job, i dont want a italian guy commentating the NFL.... screw you fox soccer

Maybe I sound bad but as an american I dont need an american to relate to by him yelling at me the play by play when I am WATCHING the game..
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Thefreeman012  +   760d ago
ill add that he is not included in these highlights
Infernostew  +   760d ago
Thank heavens Fox is losing the EPL broadcast license to NBC. It's rumored that NBC will use English commentators.
Thefreeman012  +   760d ago
I can only hope so. How much rights does NBC have to the EPL? full or part?
crazyturkey  +   760d ago
NBCUniversal got full rights for all EPL games. They will also be using most, if not, all of the Universal family of networks. From NBC to USA or Bravo all to way to maybe even Telemundo(Spanish). On top of that they will be using NBC Sports Live Extra to stream the games online that somehow can't be aired on television and also a pay per view package. Apparently no tape delayed like Fox has done because of NFL matches, everything Live........I'm hoping at least the Big matches air on NBC.
Source: http://sportsillustrated.cn...

with that said I do have some concerns.
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Sahil  +   760d ago
Horrible game.

At least Ba was livening things up dressed as Batman
Gamer1982  +   759d ago
City lite were beat by the genuine article for the 2nd time this season and deservedly so. They didn't deserve to win with the constant diving and falling on the floor. How the mighty have fallen..
silvacrest  +   759d ago
no class in victory huh?

and city lite? you think your the only club with a sugar daddy owner?

and its funny how the "lite version" as you call them have simply won more major titles
KonohagakureFC  +   759d ago
Exactly, if anything City are Chelsea lite

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