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Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid (Agg 2-4): Relentless Ronaldo demolishes hosts to book Copa final berth

Los Blancos put together a sterling performance in all areas of the pitch to humble their great rivals in their own back yard, and seal a place in the cup final

Real Madrid stormed into the Copa Del Rey final in the most stunning manner possible, with an emphatic 3-1 victory over Barcelona at Camp Nou in the second leg of their last-four clash on Tuesday. (Barcelona, Copa del Rey, Real Madrid)

SadeckJaffal  +   758d ago
R.I.P Barcelona , i mean maybe i expected real to win but not to smash barcelona...
Ronaldo was fantastic and all the rest of the players.
the players of barca wasn't good at all , if they play like this against milan they will definetly lose !!
Nes_Daze  +   758d ago
3-1 is not demolishing, and Ronaldo just scored a penalty and a ball from just 3-4 yards thanks to the run Di Maria made, shaking off Puyols. But he did do great regardless of those goals. Barcelona is broken atm, and Real madrid outplayed them by a lot.
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SadeckJaffal  +   758d ago
hey , ronaldo was great this match you should see his moves and positions , not anyone can do that. I don't like how barcelona fans always found excuces , just admit that real was better and deserve to win that's all.
And im sure that in all the articles barca will defintly blame the ref. !!!
Nes_Daze  +   758d ago
"Real Madrid outplayed them by a lot", that was from my comment lol. And yeah Ronaldo played great he made Barca's defense even more shaky, and he was well positioned for that second goal, but Ronaldo alone did not beat Barca by 2 goals. Again, Di Maria was great, Varane has more than proven himself imo.
Zefros  +   758d ago
you are lucky you even got that one goal in the end. Madrid didn't even try defending in the last minutes the match was decided...
KingPin  +   758d ago
next up, AC milan do knock em out the UCL. if barca play like this, i cant see them doing anything against milan.

Glad Madrid outplayed them in every area of the game. defense, midfield and attack, madrid were just better. to top it off, ronaldo scored 2 goals.

as for barca fans saying "barca is broken at the moment", madrid have been broken for the best part of the season. barca are starting to believe ball possession is more important than goals. seriously, 3 shots on target in 90mins.

after the first shot in the opening 2 mins of the match, messi was nowhere to be seen. guess clubs have barca figured out. crowd out messi, keep a tight, organized defense, be accurate in attack and barca are beatable.

well done to the madrid boys. thought all of them played well. entertaining match to watch.

dont try to make ronaldo's goals seem petty. messi scored many a penalty and tap ins due to other players hard work.
Nes_Daze  +   758d ago
"madrid have been broken for the best part of the season"..not really, being in third place in la liga is their own fault, no excuse for that one. Now they know they lost at that so they're putting all their efforts on two cups.

Second, what you don't realize is that Messi also has a lot to do with what happens before those "tap ins". I wasn't minimizing what Ronaldo did, but giving him whole credit with a headline like that is just retarded.
KingPin  +   758d ago
"madrid have been broken for the best part of the season"..not really, being in third place in la liga is their own fault, no excuse for that one. "

but then how can barcelona be broken if they top of the log. wouldn't this poor performance be their own fault as well? and why wouldn't barcelona put efforts into winning this trophy? are they content with winning the league and hopefully go further in the UCL.

as for messi helping in the build up to ALL his tap-ins, not true mate. there has been many tap-ins where messi was in the right place at the right time. this is just one of those tap-ins where ronaldo happened to be in the right place at the right time. doesn't mean all ronaldo tap-ins he not involved until the last touch.

heres a ronaldo tap-in
Ronaldos 3rd goal. i think you can agree fully that he contributed before the tap-in.
Nes_Daze  +   757d ago
@Kingpin, once again, you are generalizing due to bias, I basically watch every liga match, so I don't know where you're getting this from.

Barca being in number one spot means they started the season focused and in good shape, but eventually their defense caved in, as it was expected it would, and eventually Tito's condition also weighed in.
p_bateman  +   758d ago
Barcelona have lge won and are still in with a chance of beating milan, there's now disgrace of losing to the madrid in 1 game. United will have to watch madrid on the counter attack as they look very dangerous.
crazyturkey  +   758d ago
Barcelona today showed up at the very beginning of the match and then they disappeared. They tried over and over again to hit R. Madrid through the middle and failed miserably. R. Madrid was set up too well for that kind of game plan.
doncorleone  +   758d ago
What a match! Nice to see Varane celebrating with his coach :)
karim  +   758d ago
OH MY GOD..WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BEST TEAM THE PLANET HAS EVER SEEN? Barcelona is overrated. Loved how Mourinho left early ;) And really loved how Di Maria taught Puyol some ballet lessons

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