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Submitted by jak3y13oy 1078d ago | highlight

Highlights: Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 2/3/13)

1-0 Benzema 6'

1-1 Messi 18'

2-1 Ramos 82' (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Spanish Primera Division)

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Nes_Daze  +   1078d ago
Madrid played a better game, by a lot I think. Barca looked like they were finally waking up, and instead of taking advantage of Real Madrid wanting to push forward, they lost all possession in the midfield. Not having Xavi really hurt them as well.

Needless to say, there was an obvious penalty not called, but oh well, refs make mistakes and Barca wasn't in it to win. They'll need this long bittersweet summer....
wantedboys  +   1078d ago
Definitely not a penalty. Ramos pulled his leg right before Adriano came
lugia 4000  +   1078d ago
Penalty missing at the end.
Snakefist30  +   1077d ago
Not a penalty he was diving!
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wantedboys  +   1078d ago
Madrid Madrid Madrid
Next United
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Corepred4  +   1078d ago
Feels so good to be on the winning end of the Classico's again! lol Totally different game when Ronaldo came in. From half time I didn't really hear Messi's name for a good 20-30 minutes. I don't know what's going on with Barca, if we finally have them figured out, but they better know Milan and all teams are going to be studying this tape!
KingPin  +   1078d ago
didnt get to watch the match. :(

glad madrid got the win. but i thought ronaldo was suspended for this match. guess i was wrong.

judging from recent results though, can we say with a high degree of certainty that clubs know how to stop barca? or is this just a rough patch for barca and they arent playing like themselves.

checking some match stats, did barca really have 3 shots on goal the entire match? WTF
Nes_Daze  +   1077d ago
You can't "figure out" a team, no idea where you got that from but all great teams have their ups and downs. They have been playing horribly, no patience, no energy, no creativity, etc.
RGB  +   1078d ago
So Barca haven't beaten Madrid in over a year.

Remember hearing Barca fans saying last year, "If Madrid win the league without beating Barca, that would be embarrassing." Madrid did 2-1 last year, Barca haven't! So is it embarrassing?!
Nes_Daze  +   1078d ago
Not really, it wouldn't be either way, plus how many times do Barca and Madrid face during the season? Why not take into account the 3-2 win in the Supercup? Plus there's other matches to take into account, drawing or losing to much inferior teams in a league to me would be embarrassing by those standards.
RGB  +   1078d ago
Yeah, forgot about Supercopa, most people consider that to be a friendly game though since it has little importance, like the Community Shield.

They've played 6 times now; Madrid have 3 wins, Barca 1 and 2 draws.

2/3 wins for Madrid in the season's defining week for the club. After the last two games I can see Madrid doing well on Tuesday.
Infernostew  +   1078d ago
And the winner for Best Cast in a Comedy goes to..... FC Barcelona for "A Good Day to Dive Hard"
Nes_Daze  +   1077d ago
I thought pepe took that award in the copa del rey match, when he flew to the ground when Busquets touched his face..oh well.
Snakefist30  +   1077d ago
He was giving barca their own medicine!!
Infernostew  +   1077d ago
Well, I didn't give out the award for best actor, just best cast but Pepe would take it.
abzdine  +   1078d ago
everything is here:

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Snakefist30  +   1078d ago
Morata played a very good game.Hope he plays more in future matches!
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Diffraction_Fos  +   1077d ago
I'm very happy that Real Madrid have knocked Barca down from their high horse. But that was a penalty at the end IMO. Valdes was stupid to keep protesting, but that ref cost them a draw.

Not going to complain further than this as my Spanish team of choice won against the supposed "best team ever in history".
asmith2306  +   1077d ago
Isn't obvious how important having a manager is? Barca have no direction at the moment and it's showing. A "team" needs a manager. When Barca are at their best, as they have shown in the last few years, they are the best. They are completely off form this season for obvious reasons.
KingPin  +   1077d ago
while i agree with you that a team needs a manager i think the way barca are playing is like they have no leadership at all. you would at least think the senior players would step up and try to take charge of the team. which they just aren't doing and thats whats more disappointing to see. im sure the senior players learnt something from both coaches while they were playing under them. at least try something. we all know they have match experience to read the game and see whats lacking and how to correct it.

but yeah, they definitely need tito back. that other dude is poor.
doncorleone  +   1077d ago
Somebody should tell barca that you dont win games by simply having possession....

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