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Highlights: Manchester United 4-0 Norwich (English Premier League - 02/03/13)

1-0 Kagawa 45'

2-0 Kagawa 76'

3-0 Kagawa 87'

4-0 Rooney 90'

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buddymagoo1782d ago

Kagawa was fantastic today!

ProjectVulcan1782d ago

Not even playing at 100 percent. The red 20 title train rumbles on now looking unstoppable...

KingPin1782d ago

damn!! looks like kagawa played like the player ferguson paid for.

didn't get to watch the match though. but glad he got a hat-trick. lets hope he can build on this performance.

Thefreeman0121782d ago

Way to go Shinji! Rooney was great today too. I will say there was one ball that should gone to RVP tho.

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