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Rio Ferdinand to dodge Uefa rap for referee ‘face clap’

Rio Ferdinand will escape any punishment from Uefa for sarcastically applauding referee Cuneyt Cakir after Manchester United’s controversial Champions League exit on Tuesday night.

The defender confronted the Turkish official after his decision to send off Nani during the Champions League last-16 match against Real Madrid which United lost 3-2 on aggregate.

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SadeckJaffal1544d ago

He absolutly should be punished for that , i mean a 'face slap' , who do he think he is ?!!

krazykombatant1544d ago

He clapped in front of the refs face not slapped.

Also I find it hilarious that he went clapped in front of the refs face 30 seconds later he shook his hand like nothing happened loool.

SadeckJaffal1544d ago

if he clapped why is all the football sites saying that it was a slap ?
and i found it weird a slap without punishment !

buddymagoo1543d ago

He should have slapped him!

vulcanproject1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I think most of the world that aren't Madrid fans were thinking of doing something similar for ruining a good game that Madrid were struggling in and everyone wanted to see the response they might try on a level playing field, not an uneven one.

Corepred41543d ago

Your subtle attempts to be sneaky and insult us are lame. Quit crying. It's pathetic.

KingPin1542d ago

oh trust me, even the madrid fans weren't happy with the red card. it ruined an epic game that we've all been waiting weeks to watch.

and now, no madrid fans want to hear "yeah the ref helped you get passed united"

the world felt like kicking the shit out of this motherfucker.

Nes_Daze1543d ago

I think without the red, Madrid might have scored still, but then there would've been extra time, and thus one hell of a better game. :(

karim1542d ago

Great! Let's all sarcastically clap at referees because that's not disrespectful at all

KingPin1542d ago

well they cant punish you for sarcasm coz that would make it same as physical abuse. trust me if that was the case, the entire team would choose to kick the snot out of the ref if the punishment was all the same.

rowdyBOY1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

thats bull , you cant do that , he should be punished for that .

i think he THOUGHT he would probably get punished by uefa so he then shook his hand , lol .

so you tell off someone off and then shake his hand , weird .