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'Fat Ronaldo' says Real Madrid shut the mouth of disrespectful Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson was asked during his pre-match press conference which Ronaldo was better and referred to the Brazilian as the 'Fatter Ronaldo' and this has angered him a great deal. He's quoted by AS in Spain as saying his mouth has now been shut and he hopes Ferguson's team loses their matches forevermore.

"Real Madrid closed his mouth for me. It was disrespectful. A professional of many years, one of England's Sirs, should not have such disrespect. Not elegant.

"I have no words for this man, only to lead a team who always loses." (Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League)

SadeckJaffal  +   626d ago
I totally agree with this legend i mean everyone respect sir very much so he should do the same.
and before that match he said that he is not worried and other thing , but at last he lost...
buddymagoo  +   625d ago
Is he not fat? Is fat a taboo word? Are fat people are too sensitive hear the truth?

Would there be this much outrage if Sir Alex said "tall Ronaldo" or "Short Ronaldo"??
XTGamers  +   625d ago
That's not even the issue here, he's fat because he suffers from a medical condition called Hypothyroidism.

So yeah, people should be more careful with what they say
buddymagoo  +   625d ago

I suffer from it myself and my father eventually had to have surgery to remove his thyroid because of it. So I understand the difficulties it causes but with the right medication your weight is easily controllable.
pandehz  +   625d ago
Its not about the truth or not.

Its about decency, respect and human civilised behaviour. We are in 2013 after all.

If ppl start pointing out truths at each other this world would be very very unpleasant to live in.

For eg:

Hey thats big headed Joe
Small penis Dick Anders
Ugly face Lloyd

etc etc
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buddymagoo  +   625d ago

We already do that in England.

"how's it going fat dave"
"wassup skinny pete"
"Hey, Johnny one ball!"
"You alright stinky stan?"

Sometimes their name doesn't eve come into it

"where you going horseface?"
"Oh no it's the vulture"
"We going down the pub mophead?"

I just think people need to stop being so sensitive.
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Diffraction_Fos  +   626d ago
I agree. He should have more respect. He is knighted FFS, but he sometimes talk like a common hobo, and in front of the media no less.

Maybe it's the old age and the pressure of the impending game, but it still is no excuse to be disrespectful towards somebody just because they're past their best years.
Nes_Daze  +   626d ago
Mou and Fergie can be very disrespectful to other clubs, I agree with the "legendary" Ronaldo..-_-
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p_bateman  +   625d ago
At least ronaldo isn't a alcoholic, whisky face needs to shut his mouth.
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Dagobert  +   625d ago
I rather call him the real Ronaldo. Not the shitty Ronaldo that was made famous by teenage girls and old divorced women.
momthemeatloaf  +   625d ago
Love SAF he's young at mind.
KingPin  +   625d ago
its simple to differentiate between the 2 ronaldos.

Brazilian Ronaldo
Three-time ballon d'or winner ronaldo
World cup winning Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
former united Ronaldo

to call the brazil legend fat is just plain disrespectful. and he may be bigger in size now but he isn't playing football. and if he was fat and achieved all that, then he must be even better than most people think. how many chubbies you know won the trophies he did?
karim  +   625d ago
I love how they call him 'fat' while now he is in good shape. Alex Ferguson has to shut his mouth at times
mynameisq  +   625d ago
A man in his position shouldn't be saying those things, but it's hypocritical of me/us to criticise Fergie for it though because lets face it most of us call him fat Ronaldo because instantly people will know who you are talking about. We should all call him Brazillian Ronaldo, or Phenom Ronaldo!
@Nes_Daze Yeah because Barca have never been disrespectful? Fabregas saga, Song etc Pep saying Barca had a lot of Wilshere's in his academy, all your players tapping up other players "Its in his dna to play for Barca" "Its inhumane to keep Mascherano at Liverpool" Get off your high horse, there is no club or manager that that is perfect.
Nes_Daze  +   625d ago
Who mentioned Barca? This is about SAF, and I mentioned Mou because he is easily one of the most disrespectful managers out there. A bit defensive there...stop grasping for straws.
Dungus  +   625d ago
'Original Ronaldo'. Legend.
mcstorm  +   625d ago
I find it funny that all the sitck SAF is getting. He did not do the press interview because he would of said something to get him or the team into big trouble this is why he did not do an interview. How many times have Manager ranted on TV about a ref ect and then gets a fine or match ban? SAF made the right decision not to speak to the press and he also made the right decision no letting his players do it to as things are said at the heat of the moment in any sport and can be taken the wrong way and make things worse.

At the end of the day no one can change what happened on the pitch or that night but I think looking back what SAF did it was done for the good of the team and to me that is what a managers Job is to do.

Rafa tried to do this with the Chelsea fans and even though a lot of them disagreed with what he said he was right to come out and ask the fans to get behind the team as he knows he will not be there next season but want to try and win them a cup and also get them into the top 4.

People need to stop being fan boys and look at the bigger picture of football.
mynameisq  +   624d ago
Well, who mentioned Mou? If you can bring up someone that has nothing to do with the story so can I, hypocrite much? Seems like you're the defensive one. IMO Barca are one of the most disrespectful, it's just covered up by the fact that they win a lot, the second they lose their true colours show. Turning on sprinklers, "one team came to play football" etc

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