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Submitted by SadeckJaffal 992d ago | news

Real Madrid Players Apologised For Red Card, Says Ferguson

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson insists that Real Madrid players apologised for the red card that put Nani out of the Champions League clash and, according to Ferguson, cost Manchester United the game. (Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, Nani, Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League)

SadeckJaffal  +   994d ago
Why should they apologise ?
it's a red card and if it wasn't they don't have to apologise it's not their fault !!
buddymagoo  +   992d ago
I think it's classy of the players to do that and as footballers I'm sure they understand it was a poor red card.

No one wants to see overhead kicks being given as automatic red cards for dangerous play. It was a yellow at most and I'm glad that the Madrid players were humble enough to acknowledge this.
mp1289  +   992d ago
yeah, this mentality from the players and specially mouringhno will not help them on the next round
KingPin  +   992d ago
there is a word for this. its called sportsmanship. something you don't see very often.
BryanBegins  +   992d ago
I'm so tired of the whiny United players and fans. Get over it! It was a harsh red card sure, but it's not like there was absolutely nothing to warrant a red.

Also, it was 1-0 United at that point. Step up and hold for 30 minutes. United lost not because of this red card, but because a) they collapsed b) over the two games, they missed like 5-6 easy goals.
abzdine  +   992d ago
Real Madrid players are gentlemen!!
not like barca chicks!
chukamachine  +   992d ago
utd wouldn't have won it anyway.

It was a red card, if you watch it again, nani sees him coming and still puts his leg up.

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