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Greek youngster Katidis apologises for Nazi-style salute

The AEK Athens midfielder caused widespread outrage after his goal celebration in his team's win over Veroia and took to Twitter to express remorse for his actions.


Unbeknownst to me, the title has changed to "Greek footballer gets national team life ban for Nazi salute".

Hate it when sites do that.

no_more_heroes1141d ago

Love his teammate's reaction like "Are you REALLY doing that?!"

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Nes_Daze1140d ago

And so the crazy ignorant trolls come out, saying it is okay to do such a thing, and then defend hitler. To think there are still people who even try to minimize what that man did.

Bahpomet---1140d ago BadLanguageShow
UnwanteDreamz1140d ago ImmatureShowReplies(1)
silvacrest1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

even if that player was a secret nazi sympathizer, its hard to believe he would be stupid enough to let that slip out

secrete nazi or not, this will follow him till death, a twitter apology wont cut it

3-4-51140d ago

Most athletes aren't that intelligent.

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