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Highlights: San Marino 0-8 England (2014 FIFA WC Qualifiers - 22/03/13)

Valle (12') OG 0-1
Oxlade-Chamberlain (29') 0-2
Defoe (35') 0-3
Young (39') 0-4
Lampard (42') 0-5
Rooney (54') 0-6
Sturridge (70') 0-7
Defoe (77') 0-8

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krazykombatant1725d ago

this was a baseball match not football.

dcortz20271725d ago

LOL I know right? Crazy result for a football/soccer match.

Infernostew1724d ago

Not really... San Marino is easily one of the worst teams in Europe. Only a few years back they got beat by Germany 13-0, I believe.

KingPin1725d ago

and suddenly they think they have a team that can win the world cup.

asmith23061725d ago

That's always the way with england!

Thefreeman0121725d ago

where was welbeck? sturrige was in but not danny?

buddymagoo1725d ago

Being rested for the more important game on Tuesday??

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