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Highlights: Bayern Munich 2-0 Juventus ( UEFA Champions League 02/04/2013 )

[1-0] D. Alaba - 1'
[2-0] T. Müller - 63'

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zico1904d ago

Fantastisk play Munch! See you in the CL final in May

SadeckJaffal1904d ago

Man !! bayern are unstoppable , they are finishing the game from the first one , no need for the away !!

Corepred41904d ago

"No need for the away game"?!? That was a dumb comment? Are you new to football?

SadeckJaffal1903d ago

that's dumb from you , do you really think that juventus will beat bayern 3-0 , plz be realistic even if it was real and barca it will probably be very hard . who knows what could happen but juventus aren't a big team with stars like ronaldo and messi to think that they could win 3-0.

Corepred41903d ago

Crazier things have happened in football. So no, it wasn't me... counting anyone out already is dumb. Really dumb. Remember Chelsea? Or easier... Arsenal?

asmith23061904d ago

Disappointed with Juve tonight but hats off to Bayern, they pressed really well. Pirlo was surrounded everytime he was on the ball. Thought the ref had a howler, second goal was offside and he gave some stupid frees and bookings, and let other bad ones off. Hope Juve score early next leg to make a game of it!

zeddy1904d ago

bayerns manager is doing a great job, he got them to a final last season and he's probably going to be in another semi. dont know why he's leaving, do they really need pep?

GanjaMan1904d ago

hes retiring to become the next manager of germany, lows getting the sack trust me

marcoskids1904d ago

Shocking display by Buffon for once