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Highlights: Real Madrid 3-0 Galatasaray ( UEFA Champions League 03/04/2013 )

[1-0] C. Ronaldo - 9'
[2-0] K. Benzema - 29'
[3-0] G. Higuain - 73'

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SadeckJaffal1878d ago

Great performance , great tacktick everything was good and i think we will qualified i mean can galatasaray beat real madrid 4-0 ?? i don't think so

Sahil1877d ago

"great tacktick"

Real Madrid don't play ticktack football, only Barca play.

SadeckJaffal1876d ago

Every team have a tacktick
i'm not talking about tic tac , tacktick is like a plan or something. like for exemple how to play , its the manager's job

Sahil1876d ago

It's Tactics.

I was just messing with you man.

RGB1878d ago

Real dominated Gala, Dortmund got nothing in Malaga and Barca netting 2 away goals in Paris. La Liga looking very strong, don't you think?! ;)

krazykombatant1878d ago

An expected result for a team of madrids qualities.

Besides malaga, I think the other 2 spanish teams got it rather easy. But im not complaining since madrid had the toughest 16 legs.

Dortmund is the black horse in the champions for a reason.

KingPin1877d ago

what about bayern beating juve?

dortmund had an off day. missed opportunities they would have scored on any other day.

in the home match, dortmund wont miss these chances. Malaga needs to step up or they going to get knocked out.

i think the semi finals you going to have 2 spanish, 2 german teams.

RGB1877d ago

Nothing wrong with Bayern but I was talking about La Liga teams.

Still think Juve have a chance though.

wantedboys1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Hala Madid good game

xabi got yellow card in the tunnel so he will miss the next match

zeddy1877d ago

lucky madrid, first a referee helps them into the quarters then they get an average team like galatasaray. hope barca or bayern knock them out, they dont deserve to be there.

wantedboys1877d ago

are mad boy that Madrid beat United at their own home

Man United is the only team in history that win all their matches without any help of the ref!! how easy did you forget the game against Chelsea 2-3 united

Theo11301877d ago

I love how you're still mad about that, even though the ref still gave 5 mins of fergee time that day.

asmith23061877d ago

Get over it. Utd were winning when the red was shown. They should have held out, just not good enough. OT, that's Madrid into the semis, great performance.

BlmThug1877d ago

I'm a Man Utd fan but let bygones be bygones. I hope either Bayern, Dortmund or Madrid win the CL :D

krazykombatant1877d ago

Hahahahaha, you that big of a sore loser??

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Nes_Daze1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Thought Gala would at least put up a fight...oh well, Bayern vs. Madrid again? Or maybe against Barca (if they manage to close out PSG), interesting.

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