Highlights: Chelsea 3-1 Rubin Kazan ( UEFA Europa League 04/04/2013 )

[1-0] F. Torres - 16'
[2-0] V. Moses - 32'
[2-1] B. Natcho (pen.) - 41'
[3-1] F. Torres - 70'

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SadeckJaffal1454d ago

Haha chelsea's fans must be very suprised of torres's performance. nice match , fair score

wantedboys1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Torres scored twice it must be an April fool joke

silvacrest1453d ago

two goals? nice, it only took him 20 something games to get there.....

please put torres out of his misery next season roman

xkarxfreddy1453d ago

More goals than rooney and aguero for the season and not far behind rvp aswel.

Thefreeman0121453d ago

half of them are from Eruopa league... you think that is really a feat?

goku323591453d ago

Yeah, with those 2 goals it brings up his tally to 18 goals in all competitions this season. Not too shabby. I can definitely see him bagging another 6 or 7 goals before the end of the season. Since Ba can't be used in the Europa League, our hopes lie with Torres...

Unlike what Thefreeman012 says, only 3 of them have been in the Europa league...

The_Devil_Hunter1452d ago

Yeah he actually has 19 goals in this season. Again, he is nowhere near as good as Liverpool but at least he is scoring. Torres also became the first player in history to score in 7 competitions in one season. Come on, its time for us to give hims SOME credit.

The_Devil_Hunter1453d ago

Thats some supporter you are.

silvacrest1453d ago

i support the club not an inconsistent player who has been given more chances then most would be

The_Devil_Hunter1453d ago

I understand, but that 'inconsistent' striker is part of the club you support. Torres has been 'shyte' but he still is part of Chelsea.

silvacrest1453d ago

i hear what your saying, i am being harsh with torres because another player in a similar position would have been on loan if he played as poorly (carrol comes to mind instantly)

i cant blindly ignore his performance just because he plays for a club i support

jp_footy21453d ago


Next season you will have 3 good strikers. Torres, Ba and Lukaku.

1453d ago