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Highlights: Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City ( English Premier League 08/04/2013 )

[0-1] J. Milner - 51'
[1-1] V. Kompany (o.g.) - 59'
[1-2] S. Agüero - 79' (English Premier League, Manchester City, Manchester United)

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wantedboys  +   814d ago
b163o1  +   814d ago

Hey our season over but to win at OT 2yrs running, it's our consolation prize. CTID!

Agüero's goal was amazing, almost looked like the QPR goal
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Gamer1982  +   813d ago
We are the better team right now but early injuries to Aguero and the ACN have cost us this season. We need a new central playmaker or a winger and a new striker in the window. Dzeko needs to go now..
buddymagoo  +   813d ago

"Better team" haha, over the season we beat you on aggregate with away goals.

We have also suffered injures all season with Rooney being in and out of the team as well as Vidic so no excuse there.

You just couldn't perform all season like we have done. You couldn't get results where it mattered like we have done. And you couldn't score goals like we have done (14 more than you!) So to say you are the better team is delusional.

City won the 2012 title on goal difference (Utd threw it away tbh) and then we heard "City were the best team in the country; Utd are finished; City rule Manchester etc" ..now Utd are 12 points clear and we hear "City still the team to beat; League table doesnt show true difference; Utd were lucky, City are the better team etc"

Grow up and accept that the better team deserves the title, especially when they are 12 points clear.
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Thefreeman012  +   814d ago
Jesus Christ, I don't think united could have played any sloppier... I'll say it again, since the Real Madrid loss, united have looked terrible... That was a bad performance again.... Get your stuff straight boys
buddymagoo  +   814d ago
We have been poor of late but starting with a midfield two with Giggs in was suicidal.
BlmThug  +   814d ago
Agreed. After that Madrid loss, Utd have lost form :(
vulcanproject  +   814d ago
United missed Vidic again and just looked below par.

10 points required from 7 games- assuming City win all of their remaining games. Which they probably won't, they still have Spurs away. 3 wins and a draw needed. If United lose again say at Stoke at the weekend, it might be time to hit the red alert but if they get the win the ship will be steadied and sail fairly over the line.

It will actually be somewhat of a downer and slow end to the United season usually filled with excitement and energy at the end.

I do like a good title race because coming out the end victorious is usually more satisfying than walking it.
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Gamer1982  +   813d ago
UTDS been poor since RVP's goals dried up cine they are essentially a one man team. They are limping past the finish without him. 13 games now without a goal is it? That's shocking considering he was on track for golden boot at christmas.
buddymagoo  +   813d ago
Strange then that we have had 19 separate goalscorers this season.

We have missed RVP's goalscoring but for the the last 13 games we have still won most of them without him scoring.

And to say we are one man team is stupid considering all the time RVP was with Arsenal and he never won a thing with them for the last 6 years.

Take your blue goggles off will ya!
asmith2306  +   814d ago
Pure class from Aguero! Utd are rocky at the moment, and now we are seeing how important signing RVP was. If he wasn't on flying form up until February I honestly don't think Utd would be that far ahead, or maybe even ahead for that matter. I hope for Utd's sake that his form comes back next season because I doubt they will sign another front man in the summer.
Gamer1982  +   813d ago
I agree about RVP his goals got them the points to be on top right now. As his goals dried up so have their performances. I think utd players are already thinking about the summer and think they have already wont the league and can walk the final few games. They did the same last year with 8 points clear and lost. I think they are too far ahead this time to make the same mistake but I don't think they will win by 12 points.
KingPin  +   814d ago
UNITED.......PLAYED.........LI KE.........ASS!!!

midfield was useless. Welbeck was hopeless. young did nothing. giggs starting against a team with pace, suicide.

united need to buck up.
Kos-Mos  +   814d ago
This is one match you can`t complain about anything. We lost to a soulless trash team. That`s it. If anyone would ask me would have the lead with 12 points in April 2013 and loose to shitty, I`d say hell yeah.
So all kids that have inferiority complexes to United, we`re not hurt a much.
Glory glory
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mmj  +   813d ago
United have looked poor all season but they kept digging out results, that's all it takes to win the league.
AcceptedWalnut  +   813d ago
Amazing when they shown that banner before Aguero came on only for him to go and score the winner.

He must have felt a right tit carrying that home lol
chukamachine  +   813d ago
Looking at the points, it looks like it was an easy trophy, but quite frankly UTD have not been upto par.

There have been many games where opponents have squandered chances to win, and some games utd have been very lucky.

No-one is saying utd do not derserve it, but the points tally is flattering.

I think this season most teams have been under par.
maxi131  +   813d ago
I couldn't have put it better myself.
jak3y13oy  +   813d ago
Even though we lost it doesn't bother me that much because we're still 12 points clear! ;)

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