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Madrid plan €105m Bale, Aguero

Real Madrid are reportedly lining up bids this summer for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero totalling more than €100m.

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gunnerforlife1899d ago

why not? they spent 85 ponds on 1 player, its not hard to think they cant spend 52.5m on each player..

krazykombatant1899d ago

And what just get rid of benzema and higuain, just because they had an off season? Besides aguero wasnt that great this season either.

gunnerforlife1899d ago

im not disputing who had an off season or not lol all three have, but im just saying if they wanted to, they can spend way more then 100m

maxi1311899d ago

I would love to see Ronaldo and Aguero on the same team even thought it really sounds far fetched.