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Neymar: I'm not interested in Barcelona

The Brazilian wunderkind has continually been linked with a future transfer to the Camp Nou, with speculation this week and last suggested that Barcelona were planning to act on a rumoured pre-contract agreement this summer.

However, according to reports in several Brazilian outlets today, the 21-year-old has suggested that he may just stay with current club Santos.

“I am not interested in Barcelona. They may be a big club but I’m good at Santos,” affirmed Neymar to reporters today.

“I do not want to leave here. I am happy and I do not need to go to Europe.”

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Corepred41893d ago

Will be another easily forgotten talent if he doesn't go to Europe.

KONAAs1889d ago

better forgeten talent, that been remebered as a fialed one, he will fail in europe, he is a american league player, not europ standards

krazykombatant1892d ago

Lol he'll be an idiot if he doesn't come to europe.