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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk refuses to cut a Lionel Messi shirt

Irina was approached on the red carpet by a Greek reporter asking her to cut into pieces Lionel Messi’s No.10 Barcelona jersey.

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Diffraction_Fos1110d ago

What an a-hole reporter. Maybe they should cut him to pieces instead.

Ike201110d ago

In pieces? Dude, cool down... The reporter just wanted to trick Irina into making the headlines, I presume.

Diffraction_Fos1109d ago

....thus making him an a-hole. What part didn't you get?

KwietStorm1109d ago

You think he literally meant to cut the man into pieces?

KingPin1110d ago

woooo Ronaldos GF doesn't wanna disrespect Messi. this is news? I haven't seen anywhere where Ronaldo himself disrespected messi so i don't see why his GF should.

Respect to her.

that idiot of a reporter shouldnt report any sports news ever again.

Ike201110d ago

That's smart from Irina. The reporter definitely is not intelligent.

Ike201110d ago

You said it as it is, GamersRulz... Irina did very well there. That's a fact, whether you're a Ronaldo or Messi fan.

You think the reporter was paid to make this awful publicity stunt on Irina?

level 3601110d ago

A-hole reporter - A-class babe

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