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Player of the Year shortlist revealed

The Professional Footballers' Association has announced its six-man shortlist for the Player of the Year award,which is as under:

Gareth Bale
Luis Suarez
Robin van Persie
Michael Carrick
Eden Hazard
Juan Mata (English Premier League)

Sahil  +   837d ago
I'd have put Cazorla and Michu ahead of Hazard and Carrick.
buddymagoo  +   837d ago
So do you you think United would be 13 points clear without Carrick?
Sahil  +   837d ago
Pointless discussion.

Where do you you think Arsenal would be without Cazorla?

Where do you you think Swansea would be without Michu's goals?
buddymagoo  +   837d ago
Arsenal without Carzola would probably be in the same positon because they have cover for him.

Swansea would be stuffed without Michu.

United without Carrick I doubt we would finish top 4 that is how vital he is to our team and there hasn't been a better central midfielder in the EPL this season.
Sahil  +   837d ago
Thats your opinion and am perfectly fine with it. But I'd still say Michu and Cazorla deserve a mention, first season in the premier league, they've been Brilliant.
aiBreeze  +   837d ago
*sigh* Why is everyone questioning Carrick being added to the list? Is it from experience watching him play weekly or just because of how he is generally perceived? Sorry to say but anyone who actually watches utd weekly and can't see how Carrick deserves to be on the list, just doesn't understand football. He isn't flashy, he doesn't score much but he's everything you want in a more defensive minded midfielder. I bet Fergie would concede that Carrick is the first name on every team sheet.
neoragex  +   837d ago
"Sorry but if you don't think Carrick deserves to be in the PFA nominees, you should probably find a new sport to follow."

am sorry but who are you to tell people to not watch a sport because they don't think like you or their opinion on a player is diff from you.

get over yourself.
aiBreeze  +   837d ago
A bit arrogant true but it does my head in when people who clearly don't truly understand football are opinionated against players like Carrick without having a clue what they are talking about.
krazykombatant  +   837d ago
Suarez should win this.
Yi-Long  +   837d ago
... but I doubt he'll ever win it, considering how hated he is by so many.
neoragex  +   837d ago
Yes, my vote wud go to Suarez, he's been the most consistent player this season.
Thefreeman012  +   834d ago
i think he bit himself in the ass. doubt he will get Player of the year. All i can see is Bale or RVP now
RGB  +   837d ago
Bale, Mata or Van Persie for me.

Bale has come good this year... finally.

Mata... don't need to say much more.

Van Persie, his goals have given United their 20th title.

I'd say Mata personally. Just an edge above Bale and Van Persie as his stats are insane, for a attacking midfielder. Probably the best in Europe.

See I don't completely hate Chelsea... Oh wait... I do! Only 1 cup possible out of the original 7! lmao
Stefanrules7  +   837d ago
Why no suarez?

He has probably been equally if not better than the other three
buddymagoo  +   837d ago
You'd think De Gea would walk the young PFA player of the year.
Linwelin  +   837d ago
I know you are a manu supporter and you want to support your team every way you can, but really! De Gea! come on! Carrick ? he cant even get on the England team sheet.
buddymagoo  +   837d ago
De Gea has been fantastic all season, what's your point??

Carrick has been the stand out Central midfielder all season.
Stefanrules7  +   837d ago
Im pretty sure carrick has been in every single one of Hodgson's squad since he came back and hes played most matches and been picked ahead of Lampard
aiBreeze  +   837d ago
Sorry but if you don't think Carrick deserves to be in the PFA nominees, you should probably find a new sport to follow.

De Gea has more of a claim than Bale, isn't Bale over 24? Surely that's too old for that award.


Nope, Carrick didn't even make the England squad last time.. my friend was texting me on the day of the Montenegro game laughing because he saw Carrick getting dragged around by his wife shopping.
neoragex  +   837d ago
De Gea young player of the year?

hahah.. please stop the bias.
Stefanrules7  +   837d ago
How did wilshere get on the young players list considering hes been in and out of the team with injuries?
Sahil  +   837d ago
Why o why  +   837d ago
30 games for club and country....probably why

Interesting stat. Theo (no brain) Walcott has scored more goals and made more assists than Hazard playing less games than his chelsea counterpart. Imagine that. Hazard is quality, no denying that though but some of the criticisms of theo are unjust especially when his stats are comparable to the so called football brainy wingers

To the Carrick supporters. For me he's like a facilitator. Still important but never the guy to grab the game by the scruff of the neck. Nowhere near as bad as some say but carrick wont be playing for england when the young players like cleverly mac cechron and whilshere are selected. I would already have jack over Carrick just because of his ability to go past players and actually drive at defenses
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lando786  +   837d ago
Hazard should win hands down, that A-Hole ball boy deserved the kick.
Sidology  +   837d ago
There are some really excellent players on this list.
goku32359  +   837d ago
I'd say either Bale, Suarez, or Mata. Personally i'd say Mata, but he doesn't get as much attention as the other two so i'd say it'll be either Bale or Suarez.
mcstorm  +   837d ago
What people are forgetting is this was done 3 months ago and at that time RVP was thebestplayer in the league so I think he will win it this time and bale for the young player
Diffraction_Fos  +   837d ago
Suarez should win it. But he won't. He can score 100 goals, 1000 goals, or even find a cure for cancer, they still wouldn't vote for him. So I guess Gareth "2 months flava" Bale will win Player of the SEASON, and Welbeck will be given the Young POTS award.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   837d ago
Juan Mata has been consistently good throughout the entire season.
karim  +   837d ago
I'd vote for Mata, been consistent all season unlike the others barring Carrick and Suarez + Chelsea probably wouldn't finish in the top 6-8 if it wasn't for him

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