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Barcelona beware: If ever a player has been set up for a momumental fall, it is Neymar

Goal.com has exclusively revealed that Neymar is edging ever closer to a move to Barcelona, but will he be able to carry all the baggage he brings with him from Brazil? (Barcelona, Neymar, Transfers)

wantedboys  +   948d ago
Neymar is good player but he will never and cannot replace messi
Corepred4  +   948d ago
I don't think that's what they're getting at.
Ike20  +   948d ago
Me neither, don't think so...
2pacalypsenow  +   948d ago
hes not a replacement for messi he's more likely gonna be a wing player
Kos-Mos  +   948d ago
Is he any good at acting like a teenage-girl?
Ike20  +   948d ago
Momumental? A typo, perhaps?
KONAAs  +   948d ago
neymar is not a European league player, he will be a failure, he is and for ever will be a brazil and american league player, mediocere in europe standards but good in america, another player in a bunch of players, barca fan
Linwelin  +   948d ago
what o.O

So American league players are not good enough to play in the BEST teams in the world ? i am confused by your post, please elaborate.
KONAAs  +   947d ago
some american league players are good for europe, otheres are just good for america, neymar is one of those cases where he is only good in america, maybe asia,
Linwelin  +   946d ago
and you know this because he has played in Europe ?
KingPin  +   948d ago
i dont know why people have a thing about the brazilian league being weak.
plenty of great players came from brazil. im sure every 1 of you can think of 5 players off the top of your head.

why is it when spain won the world cup once, everyone is like "whooo spainish league is the most difficult in the world."
brazil wins it 5 times, its crappy. germany wins it 4 times, spanish football is still harder. brazil won copa america a few times too but i suppose south american football is too easy.

if messi was playing in argentina, scoring goals like he is now for barca, would you people still say he isnt that good and he is playing in a crappy Argentinian league? i mean in what other league does 2 players score more than 50 goals a season. does that mean the spanish league has the weakest defense?

(disclaimer: im not attacking any one league, im just showing you that peoples logic to compare one league to another makes no sense. im not picking on any specific teams/players. <thats for the fanboys> )

neymar has the talent to be great, not messi and ronaldo legendary, but great. he just needs the right coaching to mold him into a better player. thats something he isnt getting in brazil.
Linwelin  +   948d ago
The league is determined by the players that play in it, the reason the brazilian league is weak is because all the best players leave the league to play in the best teams in the world.

Messi playing in the argentina league would not get noticed the same no, because he is playing with players of lower quality.
wantedboys  +   948d ago
alot of people think that any league outside of Europe is weak and not worth watching!!
KingPin  +   947d ago
you know what makes me laugh, people say he must play in europe. if he moves to the french league <which is in europe> and he scores a ton of goals, they'll say his playing in an easy league.

those people shouldn't say he must play in Europe, they must say neymar must move to EPL, LaLiga, SerieA or Bundesliga.
KONAAs  +   947d ago
name me good players from brazil, brazil has a strugle with players right now, they got no key players liek they used to, when ronaldo, robinho, ronaldinho, etc etc, and thos eplayers are old now, adriano was a complet failure, brazil used to porduce lots of good players now they produce average ones

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