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Submitted by buddymagoo 1025d ago | highlight

Highlights: Manchester United 3 : 0 Aston Villa (English Premier League - 22/04/13)

1-0 2′ Robin van Persie
2-0 13′ Robin van Persie
3-0 33′ Robin van Persie (Aston Villa, English Premier League, Manchester United, Robin van Persie)

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buddymagoo  +   1025d ago

vulcanproject  +   1025d ago
The second goal puts the golden stamp on the league title. Just world class technique.

24 million pounds well spent, can't argue with that edge Van Persie has given United for much of the season in the league.

He turned up, said he wanted number 20 because he intends to make it happen, and he was as good as his word.

The side missed out in Europe and it will grate hard on Ferguson, and he will have more time now to plan for next season's assault. He just doesn't give up the challenge.

United won't ease up, because he demands not.
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asmith2306  +   1025d ago
The best 24m spent anywhere in a long, long time in my opinion. He is worth every penny and he is the reason Utd have won it so convincingly. Great to see him of all people to score a hat-trick in the clincher, sums up his season really. His second goal was unreal and it's not a fluke. He scored the exact same goal against Everton and Liverpool last year for Arsenal. It's an insane skill to have.

The top teams in the PL have been terrible this season. The race for the CL spots has been far more interesting than the title run. Hoping for a more exciting season at the top of the table next year. Although I don't think anything will beat the way City clinched it last year for a long time.
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Thefreeman012  +   1025d ago
Glooooooorryyy glooorrrryyy!
krazykombatant  +   1025d ago
Ok so we've got the die hards, buddy and vulcan, herenwonder how many ManU fans will come out the woodwork. Jokers.

All seriousness arsenal were idiotic to sell RVP to manu and only for 24 million.
FlunkinMonkey  +   1025d ago
Come out the woodwork? It's a news feed about Manchester United clinching the title with a hat-trick, with arguably the goal of the season, from arguably the best signing of the season..

What did you expect?! Man U fans not to comment? Are you really that ignorant?
krazykombatant  +   1025d ago
No I just expected ppl to jump the bandwagon as they always do. Which looking at the number of disagrees I was right. But hey enjoy your moment :)
PeZuS  +   1025d ago
It's not "jumping on the bandwagon", it's called celebrating
FlunkinMonkey  +   1025d ago
I don't even support Man U, it's not my moment... Pathetic
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krazykombatant  +   1024d ago
you sound pretty touchy about this whole discussion, angry ManCity fan perhaps?
FlunkinMonkey  +   1024d ago
Hull City actually.. Good work Poirot.. Genius!! Gold star kiddo! Ignorance is bliss hmm?

Ha, buffoon.
krazykombatant   1024d ago | Personal attack | show
BlmThug  +   1025d ago
GG Man Utd! RVP you legend :D
KingPin  +   1025d ago
Are you talking about the same people that cheered for man city last season to cheer for man united this time?

RVP could have moved to man city for a lot more but he came to united to win trophies.

anyways, Manchester United deserved it. they managed to pull out results even if they weren't always on top form.

ninjagoat  +   1025d ago
Happy Happy United fan here ;). Good team Effort this season. I'm not for placing title on the shoulders off one player though.

We have had rough games this season and like great teams in the past we have had to scrape are ways threw the games.

RvP wasn't always at the top off his game and thankfully there was players always to call on to get the job done when we needed it.

End of the day RvP has been a great signing and i hope we have him for seasons to come but for those that like to forget about the other players on the pitch.

Players have made improvements threw out this year.

Welbeck is going from strength to strength. Enjoying watching Rooney adapting to what ever role is put in front of him. Hell hes a beast playing off the front to and linking with the midfield. That ball to RvP tonight :o.

Kagawa yeah hes no where near where he was for Dortmond but he will settle. Was a hell of a hattrick against Norwich.

De gea for me the most improved keeper in the league and at the moment the best stopper in the league aswell. I had worry's for him tbh being as young as he was stepping into Van Der Sars boot's, hes still abit wobbly on crosses but that will sort itself in time.

Looking forward too next season we have already signed a new lad there Wilfried Zaha wanna see what he has to offer. Maybe another midfielder in the summer apart from that i think we are solid atm.
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Infernostew  +   1025d ago
Champions again! Signing RVP proved to be pivotal and De Gae really stepped up as a world class keeper. After last year's disappointment, winning the league with 4 matches to go is such a relief.

Here's how you celebrate a title win Suarez...
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Kos-Mos  +   1025d ago
Bye manchini, bye torres, bye benitez, bye ba, bye kompany, bye wenger, bye luiz/hazard, bye liverpool, buy toure. None of you are worthy of being in the same league as United.
Glory glory Man United, glory glory Man United!
Corepred4  +   1025d ago
That wasn't douchey at all! Lmao
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GanjaMan  +   1025d ago
whos "manchini" is he new?
BlmThug  +   1025d ago
RVP and Rooney :'D
silvacrest  +   1025d ago
did arsenal really sell RVP for just 24 mil??

what a huge stupid mistake that was, could have gotten 30+ from anywhere
jak3y13oy  +   1025d ago
Kos-Mos  +   1024d ago
There`s only ONE United!
AcceptedWalnut  +   1024d ago
Ahh well, congratulations, pretty much nailed on for what seems a few months now and well deserved.

Hopefully the title returns to Manchester again next year ;)

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