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Submitted by Sahil 1024d ago | highlight

Highlights: Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona (UEFA Champions League Semi Final 25/04/2013)

1-0 Muller 24'
2-0 Gomez 49'
3-0 Robben 72'
4-0 Muller 83' (Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, UEFA Champions League)

Update All goals:

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lugia 4000  +   1024d ago
This made my day
Sahil  +   1024d ago
yours and a lot of madrid fans ;D
BlmThug  +   1024d ago
This has made my week :D

Bayern for the Treble
vulcanproject  +   1024d ago
Well had me money on Bayern early on this season, looking good, probably picked another winner yet again :D

Guess those people who disliked me when I said Madrid won't win it might want to sit up and rethink their assessment...Dortmund are going to cause lots of problems for Madrid but Bayern as they have shown in Germany are on yet another level.

Bayern just shredded Barca here, outplayed in every position. You could argue two of their goals were a bit dodgy, but they were value for it and probably should have had pens for handballs. They just worked harder, made better chances.

Barcelona's keep ball Is interesting, but Bayern's attack was on another level of lethality.

Possession is not everything. Goals are.
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neoragex  +   1024d ago
Barca got Spanked and spanked hard!
RGB  +   1024d ago
Barca completely destroyed, could of been worse as well.

Messi silenced all night, never produced a chance worthy of his talent nor passed well either. Best player in the world for years but tonight he was the worst in the game.

Bayern through to the final, no doubt about that and to be honest, Real and Dortmund don't stand a chance.

Pep walking into the best side it seems.

(Same comment as the other, cover if that one gets pulled. Why do people have to make multiple articles I'll never know)
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neoragex  +   1024d ago
Pep is lucky, he'll make this team more strong.
listenkids  +   1023d ago
Pep + Gotze + the potential Lewandowski - Bayern will have it made.
wantedboys  +   1024d ago
KONAAs  +   1022d ago
talk now, lol
krazykombatant  +   1024d ago
approved this one since it has more comments, jesus absolute destruction, I wouldn't write barca completely off, I can see a 4-0 game at camp nou.
Imalwaysright  +   1024d ago
Against Munich?
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krazykombatant  +   1024d ago
yes, playing at the camp nou always gives barca that extra needed edge.
Imalwaysright  +   1024d ago
Bayern is the most consistent team in Europe right now. I can see Barcelona winning at home but i just can't see them scoring 4 goals against Bayern.
BlmThug  +   1024d ago
Nah, Bayern will probably score more at Camp Nou thus firmly putting the match out of reach for Barca. Also, Barca will struggle to ever score that many goals against Barca anyway
BlmThug  +   1024d ago
Bayern anyway **
Nes_Daze  +   1024d ago
Messi seemed hurt, saw him bend over while Barca had possession.. I just don't think he was fit, he was just a morale boost which as we can see did nothing. Why not bring Villa in earlier? Losing 3-0 and no changes, really?? It was Barca's midfield and defense vs. all of Bayern. I knew Barca had slim chances of winning, with Puyol and Masherano out, Messi's recent injury, etc. but I didn't expect them to play that bad and make matters worst.

Ref was horrible btw, towards both sides, 2 handballs not called in Bayern's favor, Dante jumping on Alves, and the foul on Jordi Alba in Robben's goal. Anyway, Bayern deserves this result, and Barca deserved to get slammed.

Bayern and Madrid in final...and Bayern should take it unless Madrid pulls a Chelsea on em.
krazykombatant  +   1024d ago
I agree the ref was utter shit, handing out yellow cards left and right, as if they were going out of style. But I think we can take bayern, we did hold them to penalties last years, if you so kindly remember the rocket of a pk of sergio ramos which still orbits around the earth. *facepalm*
Sahil  +   1024d ago
"remember the rocket of a pk of sergio ramos which still orbits around the earth"

Stranger things have happened :)~
Zefros  +   1024d ago
Madrid has never played like chelsea, and bayern aren't stronger than madrid as madrid has also proved alot this cl. they are better than barca at the moment. last match proved it when they won 3-1 against barcelona at camp nou.
Nes_Daze  +   1023d ago
I didn't mean play like Chelsea, I mean cause an upset, because given everything that Bayern has done, they are favorites for the final. Also, it was Bayern that got to the final last year and lost merely on penalties, it was Bayern that beat Barca 4-0, not by 2 goals or 3, by 4.
Golden_Dive  +   1024d ago
It looks like Barca traveled all the way to Munich four-nothing.
neoragex  +   1024d ago
Commence the 4-0 jokes :D
crazyturkey  +   1024d ago
So much for a Clasico Final it seems..........Lol at Alba in the third goal, can't believe the refs missed that.
As for the match it looks like Barcelona's aerial weakness came to hunt them. On top of that they really can't seems to close down on attackers when a team attacks them from the wings either. Too many side to side passes also, I can't really recall more than one shot on target from Barca on the entire match. Bayern very effective on both defense and attack and easily deserved this victory.
Right now I'm rooting for Dortmund to win the Champions League, Not many seem to give a dam for them to win it.
Sahil  +   1024d ago
Bayern's pressing was the best I've seen this season. Dominating performance.

But the main talking point of this game should be that Robben Passed, it's crazy coz it never happens :D
KingPin  +   1024d ago
bayern played like champions. no doubt. gave barca a lesson in football if i may say so. tikka-takka football doesn't work all the time.
63% possession, 2 shots on target in 90 mins? thats stat alone tell you barca played like crap.
but i guess that was a given when they built the entire team around one player and when he isn't playing or cant play to his full capacity the team doesn't know what to do. the 2nd leg PSG match and this match is proof of that.

anyways, glad bayern won. now for madrid to win tomorrow and il be having my dream final :D
asmith2306  +   1024d ago
Wow, what a result. As much as I can't stand Barca's diving antics that third goal shouldn't have stood. Alba was floored by Ribery lol! All the same, what a scoreline. Will be interesting to see if Dortmund can take Madrid out, I don't see why they can't.
Sandmano  +   1023d ago
It was muller and it was freaking hilarious!! It was like one of those fouls in basketball! I hate alba he's so whiny and never shuts up like most barcalona players. Bay had like 4 or 5 handballs in the box that weren't given so I guess justice was served!
ngecenk  +   1023d ago
in basketball, thats not a foul :p

yeah the ref is utter shit, and not just because of the two goals, but also the handballs. i mean come on, it happend right in front of him when lahm shot and deflected alba's hand. he was there!
asmith2306  +   1023d ago
Sorry, thought it was Ribery!
Nes_Daze  +   1023d ago never look at other teams when they whine for a foul? If anything Alba was showing a lot of heart out there, undisciplined yeah but at least he seemed like he wanted to win, unlike most of the team.
mmj  +   1023d ago
Is it even a foul? you see off-the-ball blocks like that all of the time in the middle of the park and the players just get on with it, is Muller not allowed to run into empty space? is it his fault Alba didn't even try to go around him? if Alba hadn't let Robben get past him he wouldn't have been the predicament of having to chase.
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ngecenk  +   1023d ago
its a 50-50 call i think. both players are moving. if muller already stand on the empty space, then you're right. but he just got there, so yeah, it could be a yellow!
Ben Dover  +   1024d ago
It seems the reign of Barcelona has come to an end. Obliterated by a team which far surpassed their quality, Barcelona is done for any future Champions League titles if they don't shape up.
outsider1624  +   1023d ago
Truth is Barcelona's reign already came to an end when madrid defeated them, Milan, PSG Showed their weakness and ofcourse the final nail is bayern.
As a barca fan though, congrats bayern. even at camp nou, i dont see us winning. i may be diehard fan but im not stupid.
asmith2306  +   1023d ago
It came to an end when Pep left.
no_more_heroes  +   1024d ago
I have never seen Barcelona get dominated like this. Ever.

I actually think its very likely that Barca will score 4 goals against Bayern at the Camp Nou, but I don't see them keeping a clean sheet. That's what's gonna do 'em.
nix  +   1023d ago
what was with all that sloshy ground? it looked like there was a pond there. or was i the only one who noticed that?

Messi's presence was forgettable at best. i wonder why he was placed there from the beginning. should have brought him later in the game.
Kos-Mos  +   1023d ago
Lovely to see the teen-girl team getting hammered.
Sahil  +   1023d ago
United won against Aston Villa
Sandmano  +   1023d ago
Hahaha love it!! It's great they didn't score an away goal would have gave them a chance, no chance now!! Whoever wins today no problem just aslong as barcalona don't make it!
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maxi131  +   1023d ago
Don't write Barca off just yet, everything is possible in football.
Sandmano  +   1023d ago
I guarantee you its over, ill remind you next week ;)
aiBreeze  +   1023d ago
Can't take anything away from Bayern as they were clearly up for it and worked really hard and admittedly deserved the win however UEFA need to bring in pitch regulations. The state of the center circle was horrendous and clearly a deliberate attempt to stifle players like Xavi. Plus the fifth official (or whatever the guy by the goal is referred to) as a lot of explaining to do as to how he either missed or didn't think Muller blocked Alba off for the third goal. Still other than the pitch and that awful ref blunder, Bayern deserve a lot of credit for their performance.
wantedboys  +   1023d ago
Record.breaking.performance!!! ! "Champions League DID YOU KNOW? No team has ever lost a semi-final match by four goals"

Barcelona is the first
asmith2306  +   1023d ago
At least they keep breaking records lol!
mmj  +   1023d ago
Barcelona peaked, Guardiola got out at the right time.

It's all well and good playing beautiful possession football but teams have figured out how to negate their attack and Barcelona have forgotten how to score simple goals (like Bayern did so ruthlessly last night).
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mynameisq  +   1023d ago
Lucky they signed Goetze, look how much they needed him (!) I hate Barca but I still feel people are writing them off too soon, Barca losing away is nothing new, out of the last 16 away knockout matches they've had they only won 3. It's at the Camp Nou where they dominate and turn it around (with the help of the refs sometimes) So yes you can argue Bayern and Madrid are better but that makes Barca third best team, would you really be surprised if they win it next year? I wouldnt, hell they have Messi and Iniesta. One last thing, it's really disrespectful to Dortmund to assume Madrid are going through, i'm pretty sure Dortmund beat them and drew earlier on in the season. And i'm pretty sure Dortmund have only lost once in the last 6 games vs Bayern and that was a 1-0.
LOL how the fudge did Arsenal beat Bayern at home?! I love football!
rowdyBOY  +   1023d ago
arsenal beat bayern at home because in the first leg they underestimated how good they really are.

all the teams did.


they are the real deal .

2nd leg beat them 2-0 at there home.

teams will take them serious from now on
PS4OUR  +   1023d ago
Finally a team that has the guts to put balls over the top into the Barca defence that is the weak underbelly of the team and the fact Barca plays only ONE way.
This Barca team is great but they don't have a variety to their play and it was only a matter of time that opposition found them out. Great teams adapt and its difficult for Barca to play route 1 football. Barca need some steel. Strong centre forward and one or two physically imposing players so they can adapt tactics to any given situation.

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